Describing the layout of the document

Before starting recognition you are requested to describe the layout of the incoming pages to assist the auto-zoning process. When you do automatic processing, auto-zoning always runs unless you specify a template that does not contain a process zone or background. When you do manual processing, auto-zoning sometimes runs. See online Help: When does auto-zoning run? Here are your input description choices:

Automatic IconAutomatic

Choose this to let the program make all auto-zoning decisions. It decides whether text is in columns or not, whether an item is a graphic or text to be recognized and whether to place tables or not.

Single Column No Table IconSingle column, no table

Choose this setting if your pages contain only one column of text and no table. Business letters or pages from a book are normally like this.

Multiple columns no table IconMultiple columns, no table

Choose this if some of your pages contain text in columns and you want this decolumnized or kept in separate columns, similar to the original layout.

Single Column With Table IconSingle column with table

Choose this if your page contains only one column of text and a table.

Spreadsheet IconSpreadsheet

Choose this if your whole page consists of a table which you want to export to a spreadsheet program, or have treated as single table.

Form IconForm

Choose this if your whole page consists of a form and you want form elements auto recognized. After recognition, you can modify form element properties, create new ones, or edit form layout. This option is available in OmniPage Professional 16 only.

Legal Pleading IconLegal pleading

Choose this to recognize legal documents. Legal headers are detected and removed. Choose to have pleading numbers retained or dropped.

Custom IconCustom

Choose this for maximum control over auto-zoning. You can prevent or encourage the detection of columns, graphics and tables. Make your settings in the OCR panel of the Options dialog box.

Template IconTemplate

Choose a zone template file if you wish to have its background value, zones and properties applied to all acquired pages from now on. The template zones are also applied to the current page, replacing any existing zones.

If auto-zoning yielded unexpected recognition results, use manual processing to rezone individual pages and re-recognize them.