Marking and redacting

Mark Text Button GroupThe Mark Text toolbar gives you tools to mark (highlight or strike-out); and to redact text. Use the View menu to have this toolbar displayed. You can float or dock this tool group. Each tool has its equivalent menu item in the Format menu or the Text Editor shortcut menu.

Redacting is blacking out confidential information. It is unreadable and unsearchable. To mark and redact text manually, click the Mark for Redacting tool and use its cursor to select all the text parts you want to redact. They appear with a gray highlight. When you are ready, click the Redact Document tool. Choose to do redaction in a copy (safer) or the original document. If you choose to redact a copy, both the copy and the original remain open in OmniPage, ready to be saved.

WARNING: If you redact the original document, you cannot retrieve the information you have blacked out.

To find and redact text by searching, select Find and Mark Text from the Edit menu to display the Find, Replace and Mark Text dialog box. Search for text to be marked for redaction. Step through all occurrences and decide for each case whether to redact immediately or mark for redaction. In the latter case, perform the redaction by choosing Close and Redact Document in the Mark Text dialog box or later click the Redact Document button.

You can apply highlighting and striking out either by selection or searching.