Reading text aloud

The ScanSoft RealSpeak® speech facility is provided for the visually impaired, but it can also be useful to anyone during text checking and verification. The speaking is controlled by movements of the insertion point in the Text Editor which can be mouse or keyboard driven.

To hear text: Use these keys:
One character at a time, forward or
Right or left arrow. Letter, number or
punctuation names are spoken.
Current word Ctrl + Numpad 1
One word to the right Ctrl + right arrow
One word to the left Ctrl + left arrow
A single line Place the insertion point in the line
Next line Down arrow
Previous line Up arrow
Current sentence Ctrl + Numpad 2
From insertion point to end of sentence Ctrl + Numpad 6
From start of sentence to insertion
Ctrl + Numpad 4
Current page Ctrl + Numpad 3
From top of current page to insertion
Ctrl + Home
From insertion point to end of current
Ctrl + End
Previous, next or any page Ctrl + PgUp, PgDown or navigation buttons
Typed characters Each typed character is pronounced separately.

The Text-to-Speech facility is enabled or disabled with the Tools menu item Speech Mode or with the F10 key. A second menu item Speech Settings... allows you to select a voice (for example, male or female for a given language), a reading speed and the volume. You
must ensure the language selection is appropriate for the text you want to hear.

You also have the following keyboard controls:

To do this: Use this:
Pause/Resume Ctrl + Numpad 5
Set speed higher Ctrl + Numpad +
Set speed lower Ctrl + Numpad –
Restore speed Ctrl + Numpad *

All speech systems will be installed with OmniPage 16 if you choose a complete installation. If you perform a custom installation, you can choose the languages you need.