The Character Map

Keyboard KeyThe Character Map is a dockable tool giving you aid in proofing. It is used for essentially two purposes:

  • to insert characters during proofing and editing that are not or not easily accessible from your keyboard. In this respect, it is very similar to the system Character Map.
  • to show all characters validated by the current recognition languages.

To access the Character Map, click its button in the Formatting Toolbar, or choose Character Map from the View menu and click Show.

Under the Character Map menu item, you can also choose to display recent characters only, or different character sets.

You can access the Character Map in other ways, such as:

  • Click Tools > Options and choose the OCR tab. Click the Additional Characters button to select characters to be included in proofing. Similarly, you can modify the Reject Character by using the Character Map.
  • Select Train Character under the Tools menu. Click the (...) button beside the Correct field. Select Train Character from the shortcut menu of a suspect or non-dictionary word in the Text Editor.