User dictionaries

The program has built-in dictionaries for many languages. These assist during recognition and may offer suggestions during proofing. They can be supplemented by user dictionaries. You can save any number of user dictionaries, but only one can be loaded at a time. A dictionary called Custom is the default user dictionary for Microsoft Word.

Starting a user dictionary

Click Add in the OCR Proofreader dialog box with no user dictionary loaded or open the User Dictionary Files dialog box from the Tools menu and click New.

Loading or unloading a user dictionary

Do this from the OCR panel of the Options dialog box or from the User Dictionary Files dialog box.

Editing or removing a user dictionary

Add words by loading a user dictionary and then clicking Add in the OCR Proofreader dialog box. You can add and delete words by clicking Edit in the User Dictionary Files dialog box. You can also import words from OmniPage user dictionaries (*.ud). While editing a user dictionary, you can import a word list from a plain text file to add words to the dictionary quickly. Each word must be on a separate line with no punctuation at the start or end of the word. The Remove button lets you remove the selected user dictionary from the list.

To embed a user dictionary in an OmniPage Document, load your input file, choose Tools > User Dictionary; select the user dictionary you want to use, click Embed, and name it. Then save to the file type OmniPage Document.