Training is the process of changing the OCR solutions assigned to character shapes in the image. It is useful for uniformly degraded documents or when an unusual typeface is used throughout a document. OmniPage 16 offers two types of training: manual training and automatic training (IntelliTrain). Data coming from both types of training are combined and available for saving to a training file.

When you leave a page on which training data was generated, you will be asked how to apply it to other existing pages in the document.

Manual training

To do manual training, place the insertion point in front of the character you want to train, or select a group of characters (up to one word) and choose Train Character... from the Tools menu or the shortcut menu. You will see an enlarged view of the character(s) to be trained, along with the current OCR solution. Change this to the desired solution and click OK. The program takes this training and examines the rest of the page. If it finds candidate words to change, the Check Training dialog box lists these. Incorrect words should be re-trained before the list is approved.


IntelliTrain is an automated form of training. It takes input from the corrections you make during proofing. When you make a change, it remembers the character shape involved, and your proofing change. It searches other similar character shapes in the document, especially in suspect words. It assesses whether to apply the user correction or not.

You can turn IntelliTrain on or off in the OCR panel of the Options dialog box.

IntelliTrain remembers the training data it collects, and adds it to any manual training you have done. This training can be saved to a training file for future use with similar documents.

For examples of IntelliTrain, see the Online Help.

Training files

Whenever you close a document or switch to another one when unsaved training data exists, a dialog box appears allowing you to save it. To save a training file into an OPD, load it from Tools > Training File, click Embed, and save to the file type OmniPage Document.

Saving training to file, loading, editing and unloading training files are all done in the Training Files dialog box.

Unsaved training can be edited in the Edit Training dialog box, an asterisk is displayed in the title bar in place of a training file name. Save it in the Training Files dialog box.

A training file can be also edited; its name appears in the title bar. If it has unsaved training added to it, an asterisk appears after its name. Both the unsaved and the modified training are saved when you close the dialog box.

The Edit Training dialog box displays frames containing a character shape and an OCR solution assigned to that shape. Click a frame to select it. Then you can delete it with the Delete key, or change the assignation. Use arrow keys to move to the next or previous frame.

Training Diagram