On-the-fly editing

This allows you to modify a recognized page through re-zoning, without having to re-process the whole page. When on-the-fly editing is enabled, zone changes (deleting, drawing, resizing, changing type) immediately make changes in the recognized page. Conversely, when you modify elements in the Text Editor’s True Page view, this changes the zones on that page.

Two linked tools on the Image toolbar control on-the-fly zoning. One of these tools is always active whenever no recognition is in progress.

Activate On-The-Fly EditingClick this to activate on-the-fly editing. The red signal shows there are no stored zoning changes.

Deactivate On-The-Fly EditingClick this to turn on-the-fly editing off. Your zoning changes are stored; the on-the-fly tool displays a green signal to show there are stored changes. To activate these changes, do one of the following:

On-The-Fly Editing with Green Indicator Click the on-the-fly tool with a green signal. The zoning changes will cause changes in the Text Editor.

Perform OCRClick the Perform OCR button to have the whole page (re)recognized, including your zone changes.

For details on how changes are handled in on-the-fly zoning and their effects in the Text Editor views, see On-the-fly processing in online Help.