Saving original images

You can save original images to disk in a wide variety of file types with or without image enhancement (using the Image Enhancement Tools).

  1. Choose Save to File in the Export Results drop-down list. In the dialog box that appears, select Image under Save as.

Save As Radio Button Group

  1. Choose a folder location and a file type. Type in a file name.
  2. Select to save the selected zone image(s) only, the current page image, selected page images or all images in the document. For multiple zones or multiple pages, you can have all images in a single multi-page image file, providing you set TIFF, MAX, DCX, JB2 or Image-only PDF as file type. Otherwise each image is placed in a separate file. OmniPage adds numerical suffixes to the file name you provide, to generate unique file names.
  3. Click Converter Options... if you want to specify a saving mode (black-and-white, grayscale, color or ‘As is’), a maximum resolution and other settings. For TIFF files, you specify the compression method here.
  4. Click OK to save the image(s) as specified. Zones and recognized text are not saved with the file.