Other export targets

Turn recognized text into an audio wave file for later listening, using ScanSoft RealSpeak. A multiple converter is useful for this, allowing you to save the document to file and generate the wave file in one saving step. You must specify the reading language in the converter options for the wave file type.

OmniPage ProfessionalIn OmniPage Professional 16 you can export files to other targets. You can save files to a central server (an FTP site) or to Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and 2007. Exporting choices are made in the Export Options dialog box. When you click OK you are directed to FTP or SharePoint log-in and invited to specify the required path.

If an ODMA-compliant Document Management System (DMS) is detected in your computing environment, it will be offered. If you have access to more than one DMS, the system default will apply. The ODMA server must be pre-configured to accept the file types to be exported from OmniPage Professional, as defined by their extensions.

See the Online help for more information on these targets.