Workflow Assistant

This allows you to create and modify workflows. The Job Wizard also uses this to create or modify workflows that jobs execute - see the next section. The Assistant offers one or more steps, each with a drop-down list. This left panel of the Workflow Assistant dialog box lets you build your workflow.

Workflow Assistant Diagram 1

Workflow Assistant Diagram 2

At any moment in the process, the Assistant dropdown menu offers all steps that are logically possible at that point.

In OmniPage 16 Professional, additional steps are available: Extract Form Data and Mark Text.

Creating workflows

Select New Workflow... in the Workflow drop-down list, or from the Process menu. Or click the Workflow Assistant button in the Standard toolbar when no workflow is selected.

The opening Assistant panel offers two starting points:

Choose Fresh Start to begin with no steps in the workflow diagram on the right. Accept or change the default workflow name. Then click Next and choose your first step. Choose an image loading step that can take input from file, scanner or digital camera files. Specify settings on the right. Then move on to build your workflow: it can include a variety of different steps. When done, click Finish.

Choose Existing Workflows to see a list of existing workflows. These are the sample workflows plus any you have created. Select one as source. Its steps will appear in the workflow diagram on the right. Enter a name for your new workflow. Click Next to proceed; modify its steps and settings as described in the next section. The changed settings apply to the new workflow only and are not written back to the workflow used as the source. Any changed settings enter the new workflow, but do not affect the settings in the program. Finally, select Finish to complete your new workflow.

Modifying workflows

Select the workflow you want to modify in the Workflow drop-down list and click the Workflow Assistant button in the standard toolbar. Or choose Workflows... in the Tools menu, select the desired workflow and click Modify... . The first panel of the Workflow Assistant appears with the workflow loaded. Click the icon in the workflow diagram that represents the step you want to modify. Click the downward pointing arrow under the icon to replace this step with another one. Continue modifying steps and/or settings as desired. Remember that deleting or modifying a step may result in later, dependent steps being removed. Click Next to replace removed steps or to add new ones. Click Finish to confirm the changes to your workflow.