Watched folders

OmniPage ProfessionalIn OmniPage Professional 16, you can specify watched folders and e-mail inboxes (Outlook and Lotus Notes) as job input. These allow processing to be started automatically whenever image files are placed in pre-defined folders or arrive into inboxes as e-mail attachments. This is useful to have sets of files with predictable content arriving from remote locations processed automatically on arrival, even if no-one is in Folder Watching Jobattendance. Typically these are reports or form-like documents that are delivered repeatedly or at recurring intervals, for example each week or month.

To use this facility, prepare a set of folders or e-mail folders to be watched. You should not use these folders for other purposes, not even for barcode cover page jobs. When setting up such a job, choose Folder watching job, name it and click Next. In the dialog box that appears, browse to the folders.

Watched Folders Diagram

Add the desired folders and file types (one type or all types). Click the checkbox in front of your selected folder to include its subfolders as well. To enable a number of file types, add the Folder repeatedly, once for each type. Add a checkmark to watch subfolders of the selected folder as well.

When you reach the next panel of the Job Wizard, you set the timing instructions: a starting time and an end time for the watching to occur. You can specify recurrences, for instance to have the folder(s) watched only during your lunch hour (Start 12.15, End 13.05) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or overnight in the last three days of each month, when you keep your computer running to collect and process monthly reports arriving from afar.

When files enter a watched folder, the program waits approximately for the interval specified in Batch Manager Options for more files to arrive in order to process them together. When files cease to arrive, processing starts.

To finish the watching early, choose Deactivate Job. Then you can modify the job freely.