Barcode processing

OmniPage Professional
Barcode Job
In OmniPage Professional 16, you can run workflows (sets of steps and their settings) using barcode cover pages that define which workflow should run. A barcode cover page identifies a workflow (with workflow identifier, workflow name and workflow steps) and contains information on workflow creation (name of the creator, date of creation, etc.). Note that barcode processing cannot be recurrent.

There are two ways of doing barcode processing:

Scanner input: Workflow processing is driven by placing the cover page on top of a document to be scanned and pushing the scanner's Start button.

Image file input: Job processing is driven by copying the barcode cover page image into a watched folder that will receive the document images to be processed.

For scanner input you have to

  1. Create a workflow that contains the processing steps you need with Scan Images as first step.
  2. Print a barcode page that identifies the workflow.
  3. Start barcode processing from scanner.

To scan with a barcode page:

  1. Place the barcode cover page on the top of the document in the ADF.
  2. Press the Start button on the scanner.
  3. Select “Barcode cover page workflow” as Scanner button default action on the Scanner tab of Options. You can also set it to Prompt for workflow. In this case Prompt for workflow is selected in the Scanner panel, a dialog box appears with the available choices: Scanning, Barcode cover page workflow, and all scanning workflows.

All available pages will be processed by the specified workflow, or until a new barcode page is encountered. The result will be saved as specified by the workflow.

For image input you must create a barcode cover page job.

A barcode cover page job uses a special kind of watched folder. Always use a separate folder for barcode processing. The starting time for the workflow is defined by the moment the barcode cover page enters a watched folder.

For a barcode cover page job processing you need to

  1. Create a workflow that contains the processing steps you need. Select Load Files as input with “Select files for loading each time this workflow is started” selected.
  2. Save a barcode cover page that identifies the workflow...
  3. Define timing instructions for barcode folder watching in the Batch Manager by creating a barcode cover page job.

To process with a barcode cover page job:

  1. Make sure that the job is running at the required time.
  2. The folder is being monitored and the workflow will be started as soon as a barcode cover page is placed in the specified watched folder.
  3. The workflow will process image files arriving in the folder after the cover page.
  4. The workflow will be completed at the specified end time of the job, or each time a new barcode cover page is detected.

You can copy the barcode cover page image and the image files into the watched barcode folder yourself, or direct others to do this. You can also place just a barcode cover page image file in the watched folder, then have a network scanner make and send image files there.