File-it Assistant

The File-it Assistant lets you create scanning workflows for repeated document conversion tasks. The Assistant is for scanning jobs that require no user interaction during the processing. In a typical scenario operators at a scanning station prepare documents, applying the appropriate cover page to each, without needing to know anything about the later processing or destination of the documents, because all that is pre-determined. Associate a button on your scanner with OmniPage and print a barcode cover page to identify your workflow. As a result, you can scan, convert and save without interaction beyond pressing the scanner button.

Create the workflow:

  1. Select File-it Assistant from the Tools menu.
  2. Name your workflow, choose an output file type, location and file name.
  3. Review and optionally change the workflow settings.
  4. Print the barcode cover page.
  5. Associate OmniPage with a scanner button (must be done only once) in the Control Panel.

Use the workflow:

  1. Place the printed barcode cover page on top of a document in your scanner.
  2. Push the OmniPage-associated scanner button. The document will be converted using workflow settings and sent to the location you defined.

It is possible to use barcode cover pages stored as image files to drive jobs from watched folders. Such jobs permit interactive steps like manual zoning and proofing that are not available via the File-it Assistant.