See Dragon in Action See Dragon in Action is a video demonstrating Dragon Software. Speech recognition software is incredibly powerful and amazingly simple to use. Watch a demonstration to see how Dragon keeps up with your brain. Watch Demo Video How Fast Can You Type? Fingers of Fire is a mini-game that pits you against Dragon Software Take on The Scorcher in a typing challenge and see if your fingers are faster than his vocal cords. Play Fingers of Fire Game Hear from Dragon Users Watch vide testimonials of real Dragon users. What kinds of people use Dragon speech recognition software? All kinds — from students to professionals, from authors to arthritis sufferers. Hear from real people who rely on Dragon and love it. Watch Testimonial Videos Learn About Dragon Software Learn more to find out which version of Dragon is right for you Whether at home, school, work or on the road, Dragon makes it easier for anyone to use their computer. You talk, it types. Find out which speech recognition solution is right for you. Learn More About Dragon

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