Speech Recognition Apps for Mobile Devices

Want to give Dragon a try? Take one of our downloadable mobile applications for a spin to see how Dragon lets you access information, create messages, and control your mobile device with your voice. Then get the full software versions for even better control over your computer.

See Dragon Mobile Apps
in Action

  • Learn MoreDragon Dictation for iPhone
    Speak and instantly see content for everything from text and email messages, Facebook and Twitter updates, notes, and more up to five times faster than typing.
  • Learn MoreDragon Search for iPhone
    Speak to search anything you want on the mobile Web and the Dragon Search Carousel™ displays results from a variety of sources like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, iTunes, Twitter, Wiki, or YouTube.
  • Learn MoreDragon Email for BlackBerry
    Easily and freely speak emails – regardless of whether you are creating, replying, or forwarding a message – keeping you continuously connected to colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Learn MoreFlexT9 for Android
    Seamlessly switch between different input modes – Speak. Trace. Write. Tap. – using the innovative four-in-one virtual keyboard to enter content into any text field on your Android device.