Experience the Intuitive Connected Car

Today's connected car is smarter than ever, allowing drivers to be safely productive, connected and entertained on the road.  Increased use of mobile devices and advanced automotive technology have forever changed the way we interact with our cars, creating a need for automotive user interfaces that are simple, intuitive and flexible.

This year's Nuance Automotive Forum Detroit will be hosted at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan where you can join leading players in the automotive industry to drive the development of innovative voice and multi-modal user interfaces.  Meet your peers, learn more about the latest technologies, participate in the lively discussions and experience numerous demonstrations firsthand.   Don't miss this opportunity to explore how voice-activated in-car connectivity systems are introducing a new era of highly intuitive occupant-to-vehicle interaction and improved content and services.

Attendees will share the latest innovations from Nuance and our partners:

  • Dragon Drive! – a revolutionary voice platform that enables eyes-free, hands-free message dictation and direct access to content, music and navigation in the cloud and in the car
  • Vocalizer Expressive -  an exciting best-of-breed solution to make text to speech more expressive and natural
  • VoCon Music Premium – this multimodal hybrid search capability lets you speak the name of any artist, song or title for instant results
  • Custom voices – an inside look at using custom voices  as a powerful marketing tool and an integral component of a strong branding strategy
  • How touch and gesture technologies are simplifying the in-car multimodal experience

Join Nuance and other industry experts to discuss the latest automotive speech advancements,  learn more about exciting next generation solutions and experience our new voice-enabled and multimodal demonstrations.
Please contact cynthia.bocko@nuance.com if you have questions regarding the event or if you would like to see additional topics on the agenda.