Company Session
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  • Personalized traffic reports
  • Proven voice-oriented HMI
  • Key connected car content
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  • Spansion Acoustic Coprocessor (ACP) optimizes voice-enabled HMI
  • Improves latency and reduces CPU load
  • Supports larger acoustic databases for improved accuracy and advanced NLU
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  • Script Recognition Steering Wheel allows text input on a touchpad with both hands on the wheel
  • Recognizes numbers, letters and complex Chinese characters
  • Reduces driver distraction and improves control and character input speed
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VoCon Speech Signal Enhancement (VoCon SSE)

  • High performance signal enhancement
  • Adaptive solution / Minimal tuning
  • Robust/Reliable/Embedded
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Dragon Drive!

  • Automotive-grade connected services voice platform
  • Unified destination entry, news reader, calendar and reminder services, and more
  • Integrates VoCon Hybrid and Vocalizer Expressive
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Vocalizer Expressive – Nuance's New Generation of TTS

  • New high quality speech synthesis
  • Largest language and voice portfolio
  • Platform for innovation
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Non-Automotive Applications

  • Dragon TV – Fast and intuitive content search using Nuance's Dragon voice recognition
  • "Nina" – Nuance's virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps
  • Dragon ID – uses voice biometrics technology to authenticate users and unlock mobile devices