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People talk.
Brands listen.

Decisions aren’t made in a vacuum, they happen through dialogue. Consumers have a voice, and now brands have a way to listen. Nuance Voice Ads. Built for mobile. Designed to inspire conversation.

The power of conversation.

Smartphones were meant for talking, and Nuance Voice Ads feel like conversations. Done right, consumers will find them fascinating, engaging, and novel.


A proven platform.

Nuance Voice Ads are built on the same technologies trusted by thousands of companies and millions of people around the world each day.


Creating a Nuance Voice Ad.

Creating a Voice Ad is easy. The fun begins when agency teams start pushing the boundaries of user engagement to create compelling dialogues.


Nuance Voice Ads: five clear benefits

A new creative palette.

A win for digital advertising professionals, and a new set of ways to engage consumers through mobile.

Natural consumer engagement.

Stop and think about it: the mobile phone was designed for talking in the first place.

Experiences that feel like conversations.

Done right, consumers will find them fascinating, engaging, and novel.

Better brand recall.

Nuance Voice Ads will enhance brand and message recall, helping ad dollars shift to the mobile platform.

The world’s largest ad platform.

Over a billion smartphone and tablet users are ready to start talking to advertisers.

The rules
Welcome to advertising without restraints.

The power of conversation.

Nuance Voice Ads present an entirely new set of rules, and a brand new take on mobile advertising. By removing the constraints of the visual interface, Nuance Voice Ads embraces the most natural engagement process known to mankind: Conversation.


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Today’s smartphones, for all they accomplish, are a less-than-ideal stage. Bound by 4" of real estate, advertisers have been forced to shrink existing communications into an impossibly small space. The result: users are afraid to click on ads, and when they do, often abandon the transaction.

We’ve watched the content and media industry expand from the living room to the laptop, and in recent years, dominate the mobile device. It’s been amazing to see that media content morph itself onto just about every screen successfully. But there is a downside: the screen from which the most content is consumed (the smartphone) is the worst screen for advertisers.

It’s also been difficult to understand the context in which the ads are viewed. Mobile devices are with us all the time, but there’s a specific time and place for rich media ad experiences. Nuance Voice Ads solve that problem by changing the dynamic of the ad itself. Instead of trying to push information onto a limited screen, advertisers are now free to let the user pull information onto the screen using their voice.

This is how decisions are made in real life, through dialogue.

Finally, Ad Networks can understand the ambient circumstances of the user. Too loud? Nuance Voice Ads allow ad networks to understand the user’s environment, and intelligently adjusting both the volume and the ad experience.

A proven platform.

Nuance Voice Ads are built on the same technologies trusted by thousands of companies and millions of people around the world each day, giving brands world-class tools to foster personal, branded interactions. But that’s not all. As a company, Nuance is uniquely positioned to move the voice ecosystem forward.


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Creating a Nuance Voice Ad.

Nuance has taken careful consideration to work within industry standards from the IAB and the MRAID specification to ensure that Nuance Voice Ads elevate, rather than fragment, the advertising ecosystem. This means integration of Nuance Voice Ads to an ad network is both intuitive and easy.


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Ad creators need only a basic understanding of JavaScript in order to harness the power of Nuance’s advanced speech recognition platform. With our simplified libraries advertisers have found that creating a Nuance Voice Ad is simple, consistent across platforms, and opens up entirely new dimensions of user engagement.

In the race to leverage all the hardware capabilities of the mobile device (such as GPS, gyroscope, and camera) ad networks have overlooked the one component that really connects them to the user: the microphone.

Nuance Voice Ads SDK handle all the complexities of managing microphone state so that neither ad networks or ad creators need to worry about when to start or stop recording, when to stream audio to Nuance’s servers, or the dozens of other considerations that go into creating a compelling speech experience.

Nuance Voice Ads takes care of it all. Like all revolutionary technologies, it works well enough that users will be tempted to forget how much is going on behind the scene.

The players


The stated goal in mobile advertising has been to get the right ad in front of the right user at the right time. Companies have invested billions on the assumption that if they serve the right ad, conversions will follow. Nuance Voice Ads breathe fresh air into this ecosystem by rethinking the user experience from the ground up.

We provide advertisers and creative agencies with everything they need to push the boundaries of user engagement and achieve the mass intimacy that they have been promised for so long. Ultimately, that intimacy is achieved, not by "knowing" things about users, but rather by listening to them.

Ad Networks.

When a mobile ad is elevated to a targeted conversation through the power of voice, the potential for new, highly-creative advertising formats is almost limitless. In the future, the advertising acronym CPC may even take on an entirely new meaning: Cost Per Conversation.

Rather than thinking about mobile ads as tiny, inferior billboards, think of them as high-quality consumer interactions that occur in non-retail environments. In a world of advertising "tune out" and "banner blindness," Voice Ads represent a breakthrough for the advertiser, the ad network, and consumers, who now have a new way to interact with one another.

Imagination is the only constraint.

With Nuance Voice Ads, voice input shifts from an afterthought to a core design philosophy. For decades the industry has talked about listening to consumers, and giving brands a voice. With Nuance Voice Ads these are no longer metaphors, they are best practices. Its time to rethink engagement with consumers in the context of today’s technology. Creative excellence is made possible with easy-to-use, broadly available ad-creation tools.

Consumers have a voice, and brands have a voice. With Nuance Voice Ads,
conversation comes naturally.

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Nuance Voice Ads is a game changer…never before has a brand been able to have a personal dialogue with over a billion users.

Martin Lindstrom,
Branding expert and New York Times best-selling author of Buyology and Brandwashed
Recipient of TIME Magazine's “World's 100 Most Influential People”

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