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The Mobile Solution Suite is a fusion of innovative products and services that combine intelligent touch, speech and search interfaces. In a nutshell: It simplifies how people use their mobile devices. It doesn’t matter how tech savvy the user is. Or whether she’s at home, in a meeting, at the gym or in a car. Simply speak or text a few words, and immediate, seamless, integrated access to features, applications and content is possible — from a single platform.

Speak it, or Text it, It’s that Easy

Nuance Mobile Suite Demo Video

Nuance Mobile Suite San Fransisco


Device Control
Speech and advanced predictive text input methods allow users to vault past complex menus to directly access device features like dialing a call or launching a playlist. For example:

Press a button, say: “Call Mom’s Mobile, and simply be connected.

Press a button, say: “Play Rehab Song” and watch your MP3 enabled phone find the song, launch the song player and play music. Just like that...

Mobile Search
From music and games to directory assistance, Nuance speech and advanced predictive text mobile solutions let users speak or text an open phrase on their mobile phone, avoiding complex navigation through endless menus in search of specific content. For example:

Say “Play artist… Beethoven… 5th Symphony.” Pulling from a catalog of 1.2 million song and artist titles, the requested song will play. Just like that.

Simply say “Find Starbucks on Wisteria Street” or “What Poker games can I download?” and in seconds, your mobile phone will return requested content on-screen. ”

Mobile Messaging
With speech and its advanced predictive text technologies, Nuance mobile messaging solutions let users enter text for email, SMS or IM in a simple and intuitive way: By voice. For example:

Say “Send email to Mark Smith… Mark, a car service will pick you up at LAX today at 3pm” or “Send SMS to Ian Griffith…’Ian, let’s meet in the client’s lobby to discuss the presentation 20 minutes after noon today.” Then, “Send message.”

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