Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Medical let you talk to your computer instead of typing. As you talk, your words are transcribed onto your screen and into your documents or e­mail messages.

Talking to a computer while it types what you say is called dictating. You can dictate, rather than type, into any program that accepts text.

You can use Dragon to:

  • Compose letters, memos, and send e-mail messages—Cut and paste inside your documents as well as revise and format text. Just think about what you want to say, and then say it into the microphone.
  • Enter data into forms or spreadsheets. (Available in Professional and higher editions)—Most people can dictate numbers faster than they can type. Using Dragon Professional or higher editions, you can create custom voice commands to let you move from field to field on your form by voice.
  • Work on the Web—Search the Web, access information, and navigate Web pages by speaking URLs and links.
  • Start programs and open menus.
  • Use handheld recorders to dictate while you are away from your computer. Dragon can then transcribe what you said.