Creating a New User

Before you can begin using Dragon, you must create a user for each person or healthcare provider who is dictating.

Your user files store acoustic information about your voice that Dragon uses to recognize what you say. These files also store any changes you make to the standard vocabulary—any specialized words, names, acronyms, and abbreviations you add.

When you launch the software for the first time, the New User Wizard starts and leads you through creating a new user:

NOTE:If you upgraded a single user from an earlier version, Dragon loads that user. If you upgraded multiple users, it displays all upgraded users in the Open User dialog box.

To create a user:

  1. Type a name for Your Name.
  2. Select your language for Language. Dragon Version 10 lets you create and train users in multiple languages. If you have purchased an edition with support for more than one language, you can add languages by later choosing Custom during the installation and having the Dragon DVD available to install the language files for creating the user.
  3. Select your microphone or other audio input device from the Dictation source drop-down list.
  4. Vocabulary - Select the appropriate vocabulary from the drop- down list. Dragon uses the vocabulary to recognize words correctly based not only on their sound, but also on their context.
  5. When you create a user, Dragon chooses the vocabulary and speech model that best fit your computer's speed/memory.
    Usually, you should follow this recommendation. For a General vocabulary, you see an Advanced button that you can click to change the speech model type and vocabulary size:
    • Speech model — Used to adapt to your voice during training. Dragon recommends the model that best fits your computer's speed and memory.
    • Vocabulary size — Choose:
      • Medium — Requires at least 512 MB of RAM.
      • Large — Requires at least 1 GB of RAM.
      • Empty Dictation — (Professional and Medical editions only) Vocabulary with a language model but without any words, designed for experienced users or resellers who want to create highly specialized vocabularies.
  6. Initial Training: Training is a process where you read text aloud so that Dragon NaturallySpeaking can more readily recognize your speech. Completing initial training before you start dictating enhances initial recognition accuracy. Choose the type of training to carry out:
    • None—Choose to skip initial training.
    • Short — Choose to read aloud from provided text. Provides greater initial accuracy than None.
    • Special — Choose if you have difficulty speaking, a strong accent, a speech impediment, or stuttering.

    If you skip initial training, it is important to read the text exactly as presented when the New User Wizard leads you through the volume and quality checks for your microphone. You can do additional training later by running Perform Additional Training from the Accuracy Center.
  7. Click Next to continue. Then proceed with Setting Up/Positioning your microphone