Setting Up/Positioning your Microphone

  1. Click Next to have the New User Wizard lead you through setting up your microphone.
  2. When the New User Wizard first shows/explains how to, position your microphone.

Positioning the microphone correctly is important. If the microphone is out of place, Dragon might not be able to hear you clearly and make more mistakes. Consistent positioning is also important. Make sure that you position the microphone the same way each time you dictate.

Here are some tips on using particular types of microphones:

Using a headset microphone

  • Position the microphone about a half-inch (approximately the width of your thumb) from your mouth and a little off to the side. The microphone should not touch your mouth, but it can be almost touching your lips.
  • If you need to move the microphone out of the way, lift the "boom" up and over your head, rather than bending it out of position or removing the headset.

Using a handheld microphone

  • Hold the microphone one to three inches from your mouth and a little off to the side.
  • If the volume display on the DragonBarTM turns red, try holding the microphone slightly farther from your mouth.

Using an array microphone

  • Position the array 18 to 30 inches from/pointed at your mouth.
  • Avoid blocking the path between your mouth and the array, for example by holding a book or paper in front of your face.
  • Avoid having any source of noise or signal other than your voice directly facing the array within at least 15 feet.

Click Next to continue with Checking microphone volume/ sound quality