Checking Microphone Volume/Sound Quality

  1. When the Adjust Your Microphone: Volume Check page of the wizard appears, click the Start Volume Check button and then read aloud the text displayed in the box.
  2. When the program beeps to indicate it has finished checking the volume, click Next.
  3. When the Adjust Your Microphone: Quality Check screen appears, click Start Quality Check and then read aloud the text displayed in the box.
  4. The program beeps when it has finished evaluating the sound quality of your system. If Dragon displays PASSED, click the Next button to continue.
  5. NOTE: Windows Vista or XP: If you get a Sound level is too low error while creating a Dragon user, to boost the microphone's volume:
    1. Select Start > Control Panel > Sound.
    2. On the Recording tab, double-click the Microphone icon to open the Microphone Properties dialog.
    3. Based on your sound card and microphone, you set the boost from the Level or Custom tab. If you see a slider to set the boost, move the slider all the way to the right for the maximum boost. If you see a Boost checkbox, select the checkbox.
  6. Proceed with Training a New User