Scheduling Periodic Optimizations

After it adapts to your writing style, the New User Wizard presents the Periodic Optimizations page, where you select the type of language and acoustic model optimizations Dragon should carry out and how often:

  1. Check off the optimizations you want carried out.
  2. To the right, click the Configure button to set when, how often, and what time of day to run each optimization. Instead of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, you can run the optimization At System Startup, At Logon, or when the system is idle.
  3. You might be asked to enter your Windows password.
  4. Under Data Collection you set whether or not to collect data and schedule when it should be collected. If you choose to turn it on, this process collects 500 MB of acoustic data from your dictation sessions. You have the option of sending that data to Nuance to help improve the accuracy of future versions of Dragon. No personal information is ever sent to Nuance and participation in data collection is completely voluntary. Click Configure to schedule acoustic data collection to occur and be sent Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, and to indicate the date and time it should start.
  5. On the Done page of the wizard, you can choose to run the tutorial, see new features, or begin dictating with the user you just created.