Training a New User

If you selected Short training when you created the user, you are prompted to start General Training after you check the volume and quality of your microphone. Performing training when creating a user enhances your initial recognition accuracy. In initial training you read aloud for several minutes from one of the available texts.

For information on training a mobile user, see the online help.

To train a new user:

  1. When the yellow arrow showing you where to start reading appears, begin reading the text. To take breaks while you're training the program, click Pause.
    NOTE: To advance through the first two screens, you must say the sentences without pausing. For the rest of the screens, it's okay to pause in the middle of a sentence.
    When the words change color, it means the computer has heard and recognized them
  2. If you re-read the same words and the computer still doesn't get it, just click Skip. Otherwise, click Next to continue.
  3. Choose a text to read aloud and click OK.
    You only need to read for about five minutes to train Dragon to recognize your voice.
    You can take breaks during this training by clicking Pause. Don't worry if you make mistakes or laugh. You should try to read exactly what you see on the screen, but it's okay if you read something incorrectly. The computer either ignores the mistake or positions the yellow arrow at the beginning of the text for you to reread it.
    The progress bar shows how much text is left to dictate.
    NOTE: During training, dictating punctuation is not necessary.
  4. When you've read enough, the New User Wizard displays a congratulations message. Click OK and Dragon starts adapting to your voice.
  5. Proceed to Adapting to Your Writing Style