Adapting to Your Writing Style

After it adapts to your voice, the New User Wizard prompts you to adapt Dragon to your writing style.

Dragon can analyze your writing style to increase your overall recognition accuracy. This tool scans documents in your My Documents directory—Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, text files, html files, and rich text files (.rtf).

Adapting to your writing style can add 5 to 30 minutes to user training. Close all other programs when you run this step.

NOTE: Though we recommend that you run this part of the New User Wizard, if you plan to skip this step, select Skip this step rather than Cancel.

  1. Click Start to continue. While scanning your files, the New User Wizard displays its status.
  2. When Dragon has finished adapting to your writing style, click Next.
  3. Proceed to Scheduling periodic optimizations