The DragonBar

The DragonBar™ gives you access to Dragon functions and features.

The DragonBar

Microphone button and volume display

Volume display When the microphoneis on, the Volume Display shows the sound level:

  • Yellow means silence or that you are speaking too softly.
  • Green means that you are speaking at a proper level
  • Red means that you are speaking too loudly.

The Select-and-Say indicator

The DragonBar includes a Select and Say indicator that turns green when you are in an application or window where all of Dragon's functionality is supported.

Select-and-Say indicator displays in green to show you can dictate.

Normally you can dictate and use Dragon voice commands in any text window of any application. However, you may occasionally find an application or a specific window in an application where some voice commands won't work or won't work consistently.

When you are in a non-standard window, the Select-and-Say indicator goes out, indicating that you may have some difficulty selecting and editing dictated text.

Also, when you start dictating into a non-standard window, the DragonBar will display Dictating into a non-standard window. If you have difficulty in dictating or correcting in one of these non-standard windows, use the Dictation box.

See the online help for more information on using the Dictation Box.

Extras toolbar

If present in your edition, you can click the Extras button on the far right of the DragonBar to open the Extras toolbar.Extras Button

The Extras toolbar displays buttons for hand-held recorder transcription and playing back your dictation.

Extras Toolbar


Clicking the Correction button opens the Correction menu to teach the computer what you said. See Chapter Chapter 5, Correcting and Editing.


Use this button to transcribe your speech from a handheld recorder. See the online help for more information.

Start Playback, Fast Playback, and Stop Playback

When you select text and click the Start Playback button, you hear a recording of your dictation. A yellow arrow displays on your screen during playback, following what you said. Click the Fast Playback button to play the recording at a faster speed. Click the Start Playback button to return to a normal speed. Click the Stop Playback button to stop the recorded speech playback.

Skip Back and Skip Forward

Use these buttons to skip backward or forward one utterance. To Dragon, an utterance is a group of words said together without pausing. The Extras menu items can be displayed in the main DragonBar. See the online help for more information.

Changing the DragonBar position

To change the position of the DragonBar, click the Dragon icon at the far left of the DragonBar. A menu displays that lets you move the DragonBar as follows:

Docked to Top mode (default) lock the DragonBar to the bottom of the
Floating mode freely position the DragonBar
Cling mode make the DragonBar appear just above
the window into which you are dictating.
Tray Icon Only mode hide the DragonBar completely and
only display the Microphone icon in the Windows task bar.


NOTE: You can also hide the DragonBar by saying "Switch to Tray Icon Only Mode." To make a hidden DragonBar reappear, right-click on the small microphone in the lower right corner of the screen. From the menu that appears, click Restore Previous DragonBar Mode.

Controlling Dragon with voice commands

You can operate Dragon with voice commands. For example, to show the Extras toolbar, say "Show Extras Bar." For a list of other voice commands that control Dragon, see Controlling the DragonBar in the online help.