Getting Help

To access the online Help for Dragon, click the Help menu on the DragonBar and choose Help Topics. Alternately, you can say "Give Me Help." You can print individual Help topics with the Print button in the Help window. To open the online Help links, just say their names. The links will be displayed next to the application window and will give you examples of the most common commands that work in the application you are currently using.

The online help includes the following information not found in this user guide:

  • Creating and Managing Users
  • Dictation Guidelines
  • Dictating using a Portable Recorder
  • Dictating with a Roaming User
  • Correcting Recognition Errors
  • Revising Text
  • Improving Recognition Accuracy
  • Working on Your Desktop
  • Working in Programs
  • Creating Commands with MyCommands
  • Dragon Tools


If you are having problems using Dragon, or if you are getting unexpected results, please refer to the Resolving Problems and Tips sections of the online help.