Turning on the Microphone

Before you can dictate, you need to turn on the microphone. You turn on the microphone by:

  • Click the microphone icon on the DragonBar. You can click this icon again to turn it off.
    Turn on Microphone
  • Pressing the plus (+) key on the numeric keypad to turn the microphone on, and then press it again to turn the microphone off.
  • Clicking the microphone icon in the Windows task bar. The button and the volume meter on the DragonBar change to show if the microphone is off or on.
    Mic On-off
  • NOTE: Once the microphone is off, you cannot turn it on again by voice.

    Sleeping and Waking Up

    To make Dragon stop listening temporarily:

    1. Say "Go to Sleep" or "Stop Listening." Then Dragon ignores everything except the "Wake Up" or "Listen To Me" commands.
    2. To reactivate the microphone, say "Wake Up" or "Listen To Me." You can also press the numeric plus (+) key to turn on/off the microphone.