Starting to Dictate

Now that you've installed the software and completed training, you're ready to dictate your first sentence.

Starting Dragon

If Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Medical is not already running, you can start it by:

  • Double-clicking the Dragon icon on the desktop.
    Dragon Desktop icon
  • Selecting Programs > Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.0 > Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.0 from the Start menu.
  • If the QuickStart option is enabled, right-clicking the QuickStart taskbar tray icon and selecting Start Dragon NaturallySpeaking. (find more information on using the QuickStart option)
    NOTE: You can start Dragon over a Remote Desktop connection (Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home), but interactive dictation is not supported. Using a Remote Desktop connection, you can access the DragonBar and transcribe dictation but you cannot use a microphone attached to the remote machine to dictate.

To begin dictating, start a word processor (such as Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect®) and begin a new document. Make sure your text insertion point is at the start of the new document.


You can use the DragonPad, a simple word processor included with Dragon. To open the DragonPad, from the Tools menu on the DragonBar, click DragonPad.

TIP: Remember to click in the window you want to talk to before you speak.

Start talking. As you talk, text displays in the Results Box while Dragon figures out what you said. The Results Box is a small yellow window that appears on-screen as you dictate. For example:
Results Box

The words in the Results Box may change as the program considers different interpretations of what it heard.
The Results Box displays a line that changes from yellow to green as you speak, indicating the volume of your dictation.

NOTE: When Dragon recognizes what you said as a command, the Results Box displays a bold blue border.

You can also anchor the Results Box permanently in one place. From the Tools menu of the DragonBar, click Options, then click the View tab and enable the Anchor option.

Don't worry about mistakes at this point; Dragon improves as you use it.