Using QuickStart

The Dragon QuickStart taskbar tray icon gives you quick access to Dragon and recent users. Right-clicking the QuickStart icon displays the QuickStart menu.

NOTE: This option is installed at the end of Dragon setup process.

When in QuickStart mode, Dragon launches automatically at system startup time and adds the Dragon icon to the Windows taskbar

To enable QuickStart:

Two ways to enable QuickStart mode are:

  • During installation. An installation screen includes the option to enable QuickStart.
  • By clicking the Dragon icon in the upper left corner of the DragonBar and selecting Tray Icon Only Mode. See Using QuickStart on page 46 for more information.

To shut off/permanently disable QuickStart:

  • In the DragonBar menu, select Tools > Options and click the Miscellaneous tab of the Options dialog box.
  • De-select Launch in QuickStart mode on Windows startup.

Redisplaying the DragonBar

To display the DragonBar while the product is running in QuickStart mode, right-click on the microphone icon in the QuickStart taskbar tray and select Restore Previous DragonBar Mode.

Temporarily Disabling QuickStart

To temporarily disable QuickStart, right-click the QuickStart taskbar tray icon and select Exit. This action exists Dragon and removes the QuickStart tray icon from the Windows taskbar. When you re-start Windows, the QuickStart taskbar tray icon re-displays.

Accessing QuickStart

You access QuickStart by right-clicking the Dragon QuickStart taskbar tray icon. This action displays the QuickStart menus, which parallel the menus in the DragonBar.

Quick Start Menu

Open any option from the Tools menu.
Turn Microphone

Turn on or off the microphone

File > Take any of the actions you would other-
wise take from the Dragon menu on the DragonBar:
Open User, Manage Users, Close User, Open Recent User, Manage Vocabularies, Open Recent Vocabulary, Save User Files
Tools >
Words > Open any option from the Words menu.
Sound > Open any option from the Sound menu.
Help > Open any option from the Help menu.
Exit Shut down Dragon if it is currently run-
ning. You can then re-start the QuickStart feature by restarting Windows, as long as you have set the option to launch in Quick- Start mode on the Miscellaneous tab.


If the QuickStart icon becomes unavailable for any reason, you can always start Dragon from the Windows Start menu.