What Can I Say?

Saying "What Can I Say?" will bring up the Sample Commands window. The Sample Commands window displays a small selection of useful commands that Dragon recognizes for the current context, whether it is a particular program you are using or the Windows desktop.

To open the Sample Command window:

  1. Choose Sample Commands from the Help menu on the DragonBar or say "What can I say."
  2. The Sample Commands window opens, displaying a selection of commands next to the window you are working in.

    Sample Commands
  3. To see additional commands that are available, click Command Browser at the top of the Sample Commands window. For more information, see the online help.

NOTE: A list of Global commands (available everywhere) appears if there are no sample commands available for a specific program. Commands marked with an asterisk (*) are available only if the Enable Natural Language Commands check box is selected on the Commands tab of the Options dialog box.


To start the Tutorial, choose Tutorial from the Help menu on the DragonBar. The Tutorial includes a number of lessons covering the basics of Dragon.