Selecting Buttons, Tabs, and Options

When Dragon is running, you can select any button, check box, text box, or other dialog box option you see by saying its name. If that doesn't work, say "Click" and then its name. For example, to select a check box labeled Toolbar, say "Toolbar" or "Click Toolbar." To clear the check box (deselect it), say its name again.

Toolbar Window

You can select tabs by saying the name of the tab, alone or preceded by "Click." In the dialog box pictured, you could say "Options" or "Click Options" to select the Options tab. You can also move between tabs by saying "Go to Next Tab" and "Go to Previous Tab."

NOTE: In some programs, you may not be able to select dialog box items by saying their names. If this happens, the following method of selecting items may work: say "Tab Key" repeatedly to move to the item you want, then say "Press Space Bar" to select it.

See also Moving the mouse pointer and clicking the mouse on page 58.