Selecting Icons on the Desktop

You can use voice commands to select icons on the Windows® desktop

To select an icon on the desktop:

  1. Switch to the Windows® desktop. To do this by voice, minimize all open applications and place the mouse pointer over the desktop icon. Say "Mouse Click" to make the desktop active.
  2. Say the name of the icon (for example, "My Computer"). Dragon types the icon name and Windows® selects it.
  3. To select another icon, say "Move" and then the direction (up, down, left, right) and number of icons (up to 20).
    For example:
    Say "Move Right 1," "Move Down 2," or "Move Up 3."
    Select Icons

After you select an icon, you can say "Press Enter" to start or open the program and "Press Shift F10" to display its right- click menu (as if you had right-clicked the icon with the mouse). You can also use voice commands for these actions. See Marking and dragging objects on page 60.