Pressing Keyboard Keys

Scrolling in windows and list boxes

You can activate Windows® menus and controls by pressing keys. With Dragon you can "press" any key on your keyboard by voice. You can press letters, numbers, modifier keys (SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT), and so on. You can say "Press," "Press Key," or "Type"—all three voice commands work the same way.

NOTE: "Scratch That" will not erase keystrokes dictated with the Press Key commands. You must select the text by voice or mouse and delete it or say "Press Delete."

Pressing letters

You can press any letter on your keyboard by saying "Press" and then the letter. When you're pressing letters, you must say "Press" before each one. For example, to enter "txt," say "Press t," "Press x," "Press t," pausing between letters.

TIP: You can also spell words using Spell mode. See Switching recognition modes on page 119 for more information.

For similar-sounding letters (such as B, D, and V), you can use the International Communications Alphabet to spell the letter keys, for example, "Press alpha" or "Press bravo" or say "Press d as in David" or "Press d for David," and so on) as if you were spelling to another person over the phone.

Open any option from the Tools menu.
SAY... THEN...
Press a
any letter a–z or any international alphabet word alpha through zulu
  Take any of the actions you would otherwise take from the Dragon menu on the DragonBar:
Open User, Manage Users, Close User, Open Recent User, Manage Vocabularies, Open Recent Vocabulary, Save User Files
 a as in Albert/Alice/alpha
  b as in Bill/Buffalo/bravo
  c as in Cathy/Carl/Charlie
  d as in David/daughter/delta
  e as in Edgar/enter/echo
  f as in Frank/fancy/foxtrot
  g as in George/gopher/golf
  h as in Henry/helmet/hotel
  i as in Iris/Ireland/India
  j as in John/justice/Juliet
  k as in Karen/kitchen/kilo
  l as in Larry/lemon/lima
  m as in Mickey/magic/Mike
  n as in Nancy/nobody/November
  o as in Otto/over/Oscar
  p as in Paul/people/papa
  q as in Quentin/question/Quebec
  r as in Robert/Rachel/Romeo
  s as in Sam/Singapore/sierra
  t as in Terry/Tyler/tango
  u as in Ursula/unit/uniform
  v as in Valerie/visit/Victor
  w as in Wendy/wake/whiskey
  x as in Xavier/Xerxes/xray
  y as in Yolanda/Yvonne/yankee
  z as in Zachary/zookeeper/zulu
  (you can also say "for" instead of "as in")

Note: You can say "press c" or "press Charlie" but you cannot say "Press Cathy" or "press Carl"

Capitalizing a letter

You can capitalize a letter by saying "Press Cap," then the letter.

For example, to enter "28K" say "twenty eight" and then "Press Cap K" (or "Press Cap K for Karen").

Pressing numbers

You can press numbers (0 to 9) by saying "Press" and then the number. For example, say "Press 8."

Pressing key combinations

When you're pressing keys, you can press any combination of the modifier keys (SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT) at the same time as another key, such as a letter. For example, you can say:

  • "Press Control Z" (undoes last action)
  • "Press Alt F" (opens File menu)
  • "Press Shift Tab" (moves backward through dialog box options)

NOTE: Dragon ignores the command "Press Control Alt Delete" (the keyboard shortcut for restarting a computer).

Pressing function and numeric keypad keys

To press a function key (F1 to F12), say "Press Function" and then the name of the key. For example, say "Press Function 1" to bring up the online Help.

To press the keys on the numeric keypad, say "Press Keypad" and then the name of the key. For example, you can say "Press Keypad Minus" to press the keyboard shortcut that opens the Correction menu. See the complete list below:

Open any option from the Tools menu.
SAY... THEN...

Keypad 1


Keypad 9 (you can say any number from 0 to 9)


All Dialects: Keypad Point (.)
US/Canada: Keypad Period (.)
Other Dialects: Keypad Full Stop (.)


Keypad Slash (/)


Keypad Asterisk (*)


Keypad Minus (-) (opens the Correction menu)


Keypad Plus (+) (turns the microphone on or off)


Keypad Star (*) (opens the Dragon menu on the DragonBar)


Keypad Enter

Note:: Num Lock must be on for the "Press Keypad" commands to work. You can say "Press Num Lock" to turn Num Lock on.

Pressing other keys

Here's a list of other keys you can press by voice:

Open any option from the Tools menu.
SAY... THEN...
Press Up Arrow
  Down Arrow

Right Arrow

  Left Arrow

Home Key

  End Key

Page Up

  Page Down
  Insert Key
  Delete Key

Control Key

  Shift Key
  Alt Key
  Print Screen

Scroll Lock

  Pause Key

Num Lock