Spelling as You Dictate

With the Spell command in Dragon, you can easily spell a word or phrase you want to dictate into your document. This can be useful if you are dictating a word that is not likely to be in the Dragon vocabulary, such as a proprietary term, a proper name, or a non-English word. Say, for example, "Spell b-u-o-n space g-i-o-r-n-o." The word you spelled appears right in your document.

You must say "Cap" if the word contains a capital letter. For example, say "Spell Cap R-u-m-p-e-l-s-t-i -l-s-k-i-n" to type "Rumpelstilskin."

If you say "Spell" by itself, without any letters after it, the Spell dialog box opens.

You can then speak the letters and Dragon will type them or you can correct any errors in the word you spelled.When spelling, you can say numbers and special characters as well as letters.

For example, to dictate an automobile license plate number, you could say "Spell y-h-m-6-0-9." Dragon would type yhm609. Say "Spell Cap -m-a-c-m-i-l-l-a-n-trademark" to get MacMillanTM in your document. Spelling a word adds that word to the active vocabulary. Words that contain numbers are not added to the vocabulary.

TIP: To dictate unusual text such as automobile license plate numbers or product codes, you can also switch to Spell mode by saying "Switch To Spell Mode," and then dictate letters.

You can make the Spell dialog box appear whenever you use the Spell command by setting the "Spell" commands bring up the Spell dialog box option on the Correction tab in the Options dialog box. See the online help for more information.

You can also access the Spell dialog box when using the Select or Correct commands.

For a list of how to spell special characters, see the Spelling topic in the online Help.