Using the Correction Menu

The Correction menu shows Dragon's best guess of the alternatives to the words you dictated and selected. In the following example, Dragon heard the word "quick" as "clinic."

Dragon's Best Guess

You choose the correct word from the Correction menu by saying "Choose" and the number next to your choice.

TIP: You can change the number of choices displayed for you. In the Options dialog box, click the Correction tab and increase the number in Show no more than n choices. If you want to display your choices without the Correction menu taking up too much space on the screen, select the Show only the choices option. See the online help for more information.

When the Correction menu list appears, you can also choose to:

  1. Spell the word (for example, say "Spell That q-u-i-c-k"). Selecting a large amount of text and then saying "Spell That" can produce unpredictable results.
  2. Press the correction hot key (–) while the Correction menu is open will display the Spell dialog box.
  3. Listen to a recording of what you just said (say "Play That Back").
  4. Capitalize it (say "Cap That," in this example, to get "Clinic")
  5. Say "Unselect That" to cancel the selection and close (dismiss) the Correction menu
  6. Ignore the Correction list and keep dictating (in the example above, just say "quick" to replace the selected text)
TIP: If you prefer not to see the Correction menu every time you select text by voice, you can turn it off. In the Options dialog box, click the Correction tab to display the Correction options, then clear the check box for ‘Select' commands bring up Correction menu.

To help you quickly find the alternative you want, the recognition choices in the Correction menu appear in boldface where they differ from the word you've selected (applicable only when you select multiple word at one time).

Correction Menu

If you select any leading or trailing spaces (including paragraph marks) along with the text you want to correct, choosing one of the alternatives in the Correction menu deletes those leading and trailing spaces.