Dictating Compound Words, Names, and Abbreviations

Dragon joins compound words (such as "note" and "book" to form "notebook") automatically, based on standard usage. To dictate a compound word, just say it as you normally would..

Compounding words as you dictate

To compound words that Dragon doesn't join automatically, just say "No Space" between the words.

unitednations united [No Space] nations
World Wide Web [Cap] world [No Space] [Cap] wide [Cap] web

You can also dictate consecutive words without spaces by turning No spaces on and then turning them off when you've finished.

To dictate consecutive words without spaces:

  1. Say "No Space On" to turn spaces off.
  2. Dictate the words you want to appear without spaces.
  3. Say "No Space Off" to turn spacing back on.

Compounding words later

You can compound the last words you said or compound selected words by saying "Compound That." This command removes all spaces between selected words. Or, if no words are selected, it removes all spaces in the last utterance. Any tabs or line breaks are also removed.

To compound words:

  • Select the text you want to join. For example, if you want to join the words "Web TV," say "Select Web TV."
  • Say "Compound That."
  • Dictating names

    Many names of people, places, and events are already in the Dragon vocabulary. For example, you can dictate "Martin Luther King," "New York Times," and "Boston."

    To dictate a name, first try dictating the name. Dragon automatically capitalizes the names it knows. If Dragon incorrectly types the name, correct it by keyboard or by voice (see Correcting and Editing on page 63).

    If the program continues to type a name incorrectly after you've corrected it several times, train the word individually using the Train Word dialog box. See the online help for more information.

    Dictating abbreviations and acronyms

    Dragon knows many common abbreviations (such as NYC and BBC) and acronyms (such as NATO). To dictate an abbreviation or acronym, just say it as you normally would.