Dictating Hyphenated Words

Many hyphenated words and phrases are already in the Dragon vocabulary. To dictate a word or phrase that is usually hyphenated, just say it as you normally would.

long-lasting long lasting
up-to-date schedule up to date schedule
Tokyo-based company Tokyo based company
nine-year-old boy nine year old boy

Including hyphens as you dictate

To hyphenate words that Dragon doesn't hyphenate automatically, just say "hyphen" wherever you want a hyphen.

speech [hyphen] recognition software
power-sharing agreement

power [hyphen] sharing agreement

Elizabeth Walker-Smith Elizabeth Walker [hyphen] Smith

You can hyphenate words you just dictated with the command "Hyphenate That." Select the words you want to hyphenate and say "Hyphenate That." If you say this command when no words are selected, Dragon will usually hyphenate the last few words that you said.

Removing hyphens

You can remove a hyphen by selecting it and replacing it with a space. To remove a hyphen:

  1. Say "Select hyphen."
  2. Say "Space Bar."

Preventing hyphens

You can prevent Dragon from entering a hyphen by pausing where the hyphen would normally be.

For example, to type "long lasting" (normally hyphenated) say "long," then pause for a moment, and then say "lasting." Or you can say "long space bar lasting" without pausing, to insert a space in place of the hyphen.

Hyphens and dashes in Medical Edition

In the Dragon Medical edition, to indicate that you want a hyphen between a number and the word French or that you want a hyphen between a single digit and point when no other digit follows:

  1. On the DragonBar, select Tools > Formatting.
  2. In the Formatting dialog box, click the Numbers, Units, and Dates tab.
  3. Click the check box labeled Insert a hyphen between a number and the word "French."
  4. Click the check box labeled Write single digit + "point" in hyphenated form when not followed by another digit.
  5. To proceed to indicate you want a hyphen after the prefix re or before the suffix up, click the Miscellaneous tab.
  6. Click the check box labeled Spell word prefix "re" with a hyphen.
  7. Click the check box labeled Spell word suffix "up" with a hyphen.
  8. To indicate how you want the term "dash" transcribed, in the drop-down list labeled Write "dash" as, select SingleHyphen, SingleHyphenSpaces, DoubleHyphen, or DoubleHyphenSpaces.
  9. Click OK to save the settings.