Dictating Email and Web Addresses

Dictate e-mail and Web addresses as you would normally say them. Dragon automatically formats them for you.


Virginia at a o l dot com

info@samplecompany.com [No Caps On] info at sample company dot com [No Caps Off]

[No Caps On] h t t p w w w dot nuance dot com [No Caps Off]

Here are some guidelines for dictating e-mail and Web addresses:

  • When you say "h t t p" or "w w w," Dragon knows to format the next words you say as a Web address
  • Say the following abbreviations by pronouncing them as words: "co, " "com, " " gov," " mil," "net," and "org."
  • Say the following abbreviations by saying each letter:
    "a c, " "b n," " c a," " e d u," " ie," "h k," "i d," "i n," " j p," "m y, " "p h," "s g," "t h," and "u k."
  • Use the "No Caps On" and "No Caps Off" commands to enter an e-mail or Web address in all lowercase letters.

For more information about controlling capitalization, see Dictating consecutive words in all lowercase letters

TIP: You can create Text and Graphics custom commands for e-mail and Web addresses you use often. See the online help for more information.

Dragon Medical can automatically format web and e-mail addresses as you dictate them. For more on how to set up automatic formatting, see Automatic formatting of dates, times, and telephone numbers.