Postal and ZIP Codes

Dragon can automatically formats postal codes. This feature is controlled from the Formatting tab of the Options dialog box. For more information, see the online help.

US ZIP Codes

You can dictate US five-digit ZIP codes just as you dictate any group of numbers. When dictating nine-digit ZIP codes, you must say the hyphen.

01886 oh one eight eight six
94704-1150 nine four seven oh four [hyphen] one one five oh

UK and Canadian Postal Codes

You can dictate UK postcodes by saying "Postcode" followed by the letters and numbers that make up the postcode. For Canadian postal codes, say "Postal code" followed by the letters and numbers that make up the postal code. Spacing and formatting will happen automatically.

NG3 2HX Postcode n g three two h x
E10 7BD Postcode e ten seven b d
EC2Y 4LK Postcode e c two y four l k
K1 A 0M5 Postal code k one a zero m five
X0A 0H0 Postal code x oh a oh h oh

To indicate that you want United Kingdom and Canadian postal codes formatted automatically in Dragon Medical, refer to Automatic formatting of dates, times, telephone numbers.