Switching Recognition Modes

Dragon lets you use different recognition modes in your dictation. Dragon uses normal mode by default. In normal mode, the program distinguishes between words, numbers, and commands.

In addition to normal mode, there are other modes:

  • Numbers mode -The software recognizes only numbers, commands, and punctuation. If you are dictating only numbers (including currencies), working in this mode increases recognition accuracy.
  • Spell mode - The software recognizes only letters, numbers, commands, and punctuation. In Spell mode, Dragon allows you to say any combination of letters, digits, or symbols you might need dictate part numbers or license plate numbers. You can also say keystrokes such as space bar or backspace key. Spell mode is also useful for dictating internet or Web addresses.
  • Command mode - The software interprets everything you say as a command and nothing is interpreted as dictated text.
  • Dictation mode - The software interprets everything you say as dictation and nothing is interpreted as a command, except for a few commands such as "New Line" and "New Paragraph."
  • Hidden mode - Like Normal mode, but always sends recognized text to the Dictation Box. In this mode, the Dictation Box is active, but does not display. All recognized text is added to the Dictation Box regardless of the cursor location. This mode is useful for healthcare providers who are dictating medical reports that they intend to send to a medical transcriptionist/editor over DragonConnect.

(DragonConnect is a separate product that Dragon Medical supports. For more information about using Dragon Medical with DragonConnect, see the main Dragon Help file and the DragonConnect documentation.)

To changes modes, you can:

  1. Select the Words menu on the DragonBar and click the name of the mode you want.
  2. Switch modes by voice by saying one of these commands:
Numbers mode Numbers mode On or Start Numbers Mode or Switch to Numbers mode Numbers mode Off or Stop Numbers mode or Switch to Normal mode
Spell mode Spell mode On or Start Spell Mode or Switch to Spell mode Spell mode Off or Stop Spell mode or Switch to Normal mode
Command mode Command mode On or Start Command Mode or Switch to Command mode Command mode Off or Stop Command mode or Switch to Normal mode
Dictation mode Dictation mode On or Start Dictation Mode or Switch to Dictation mode Dictation mode Off or Stop Dictation mode or Switch to Normal mode

Turning a mode off by voice is the same as switching back to Normal mode.

NOTE: You cannot dictate fractions in Number mode.