For Dragon 11 Customers

Getting started with Dragon is easy: you talk, and it types. You can dictate anything, including unique words or acronyms that wouldn’t be found in any dictionary. You can format text and even search the web by voice. But the key to success is training Dragon to recognize your voice and the words you use. Don’t get frustrated if you feel like Dragon doesn’t understand you at first. We’ve found that it can take some users about 4-6 weeks of regular use to reach the highest levels of accuracy with Dragon. Remember, the more you use Dragon, the more opportunity Dragon has to “learn” your voice and accurately respond to your dictation and voice commands.

If you’re looking for additional training and customization services beyond the tools listed here, reach out to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Value-Added Reseller community. These Nuance partners can help with individualized recommendations and coaching for special equipment, environments, workflows, goals, and needs. Enlisting this type of services is particularly efficient for very busy users, very young users, users who are new to computers, and in case of issues with hearing, vision, mobility, and dyslexia.

Getting Started

User Workbook
The User Workbook provides explanations, examples, and illustrations, as well as step-by-step instructions and practice exercises to help you make the most of your investment in Dragon.
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New Features

Correcting Text
The improved Correction Menu suggests more alternate recognitions by default and enables users to quickly add phrases to the vocabulary. A new command within this window allows users to prevent an undesired word from being recognized again.
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Formatting and Editing Text
When you select, correct, edit or format a word or phrase and there are multiple matches, Dragon displays a number next to each match. Save time by choosing whether to apply the command to one or all of the numbered items.
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Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web Search
New Dragon Voice Shortcuts make it faster and easier to find information on the Web. Users now have the ability to complete precise and efficient searches by editing search terms before execution with the “Edit Search Keywords” box which appears by default.
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