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Terry J.
My life changed drastically on April the 16th, 1976. I had noticed a series of weakness and other symptoms that was leading to a possible neurological disease. On the date above, I was at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota when I received the terminal diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. They gave me approximately 6 months to live and sent home to my family. In 1977 I became part of an experiment that was approved by the Federal Drug Administration and was located in Boca Raton, Florida. There were 600 patients during a ten year study. As far as can be determined, I am the only survivor of that 600 and continue to grow stronger each day. A series of miracles, good nutrition and rest, along with the modified neurotoxin of the cobra snake; has led to my ability to return to my profession. [Yes, I took cobra venom injections for a period of 10 years]. Both my arms, hands, legs and feet are involved in the disease process. However, I'm strong enough to drive and complete my profession as a hospice chaplain. I work for a very wonderful company that is called American Hospice Management; and I am assigned to our local hospice here in Oklahoma City that is called Frontier Hospice. Our local administrators, as well as corporate executives, have taken a very personal interest in my life and its work. They have graciously supplied the Dragon Professional software that has literally changed my life. We have installed it on to a "tablet p.c." We have received excellence response from your wonderful product. Frontier Hospice even went to the expense of hiring a professional consultant that works with Dragon Professional products. I continue my work visiting my patients, facilitating support groups, and providing the necessary computer skills to complete my ministry and hopefully to be a blessing to many of our patients and staff. I hope you enjoyed my story, whether any prize is won would somewhat be immaterial. I am just thankful for the freedom and the flexibility that it provides to me. I am a published author of three different books. I only wish I had your product available in the "writing process”. Thanks again for this opportunity to express my thanks.

Michael R.
I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in my work. I am a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. Because I work with patients who have mental health impairments, it is vital that I maintain the highest quality of record-keeping and educational commitment to my patients. Dragon helps me do both. During the first office visit, I turn the screen toward the patients so that they can see the template from my electronic medical records (EMR). This allows me and the patient to document the history TOGETHER AS A TEAM. For example, when they see a heading on the screen such as FAMILY HISTORY or EDUCATION, they simply tell me the information automatically without prompting. They see me dictate what they tell me on the screen immediately. I find by doing this the patients become more interested and involved in the process which also goes much faster. An unexpected benefit: many of these patients have gone home and bragged to various family members about how "cool" it was to come to my office and see me work with Dragon. The children are more interested in their visits and less resistant to coming to see me because of Dragon. Additional family members (from whom I was then able to gather valuable clinical information) have come to future appointments just so they could see how Dragon works. At the end of the visits, I often have a lot of educational information and instructions for the patients. Instead of scribbling on a piece of paper or saying complicated instructions out loud (most of which they would forget), I use Dragon. With the monitor in their direction and a large font size, they can read the screen from across the room, making the process a MULTIMEDIA EVENT. They HEAR AND SEE what I say to them. For the patients who are middle-aged and older, they don't need reading glasses to see these words on the screen. At the end of the appointment I simply print out the instructions from my EMR and they take home exactly what I wanted them to. If a patient needs a letter for some medical purpose, I dictate that letter in front of them, thus allowing them to SEE exactly the information enclosed. This often results in an improved quality of documentation because they often add details that otherwise wouldn't have been included had they not SEEN THE WORDS ON THE SCREEN.

Graf H.
I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical for about 2 years, now. I use it in conjunction with an electronic medical record, using a wireless USB headset, which I wear constantly. It has gotten to be a part of my workflow, and sometimes I don't even realize I'm using it. I was reminded of this fact by a patient, who on his second visit, said "Hello, doctor dot Hilgenhurst, exclamation point, pause, open parenthesis, cap that, close parenthesis. I hope you don't talk like that once you go home!" I hope he is right, but I probably do. It sure beats typing!

Robert B.
As a user of both PaperPort and OmniPage I was introduced early to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. When I saw the information presented and realized that for someone like me who had never learned to touch type (when I was in school only the girls took typing) it would be a real asset for me. So I ordered it and when it arrived immediately started the training... About the same time as I was starting with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I was asked by an association my company had been a part of to create a training program on the products and systems we sold. So with the help and input from some of our members, I started to create a PowerPoint presentation and, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, to create a script outline to go with it. After about six months we had a 300 slide presentation ready to try out on a group of new and short-term salespersons. It went well enough that the association decided we should do it again about six months later and at that time make a video record of it for distribution to all the members. This too went well, as did the video recording. It was then decided that a transcription of the audio portion of the video would be useful backup in case someone else would be needed to do the live presentation since I, being a mature person, might not be available down the road. We found that the quality of the sound was not acceptable to have a transcriptionist take it off the slides, so again Dragon NaturallySpeaking came to the rescue. Since I had made the presentation and knew the subject I offered to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to create the script from the video. Using a copy of the video on one laptop I listened to my words with one ear and used Dragon Speak to transcribe the script, slide by slide into a Word document on another computer. It took some time and some editing but the job was done thanks to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Actually Dragon NaturallySpeaking probably was the only way this could have been accomplished. I continue to find Dragon NaturallySpeaking most valuable to me as time goes on. Naturally I'm using Dragon speak to submit my story.

Magnus H.
I work for a charity and everyone wanted to "podcast" our CEO's feedback meetings. Our network nearly crashed with many of our employees trying to download the file at the same time... so we tried using Dragon, you could say it saved our network!

Paul B.
I speak Dragon because I "speak" when I write. I write advertising copy. It's a little different form of writing than most others. Advertising copy has to read as if it were "conversational". You have to sound like you're actually talking to a person who's a prospect for your product. A lot of writers have a tough time typing words on a keyboard and making the final result sound as if they're speaking to somebody. That's where Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a tremendous help. When I'm putting together a package for a client, I have to make the copy sound as if I'm actually talking to somebody personally, who's sitting right in front of me. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the only answer I've found to create this effect. I can envision them in my mind's eye, and as I "see" them, I can tell them all about the benefits and features of the product that I want them to use. It's just like they were sitting across from me. Thanks to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I not only get the effect that I want with the copy, but I also save hours and hours of time. When you're working under a short deadline, it makes all the difference in the world to get the copy to the client on time. It would be fair to say that without Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I wouldn't be able to run the creative side of my business as well as I do. Everything about it is perfect for my needs.

John B.
Let me tell you a long story: I first tried Dragon when I met Mr. and Mrs. Dragon at a medical management show in Boston, I suspect over 25 years ago… Approximately 2 years ago… I read an article promoting Dragon nine. Coincidentally, my secretary/office manager of over 20 years had just contracted a major disease and could no longer transcribe my notes or do shorthand. Upon reading the article, I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, spent about 20 minutes talking to it, dictated a 10 or 11 page document, and made about 10 or 11 single word corrections. Subsequently, my secretary died. I have not replaced her. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 takes her place in shorthand and transcription without a doubt. I have recommended this program to several clients who praise it. Just as I do. Thank you for developing Dragon nine.

Roni C.
I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern. In my work, it is critical to be able to file accurate and comprehensive reports regarding the mental and emotional status of my clients. One of the most important tools that I currently have available is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Through its use, I'm consistently praised for my outstanding ability to conceptualize the content of my client's comments, as well as write comprehensive reports in a very timely manner. I cannot say enough about how this is assisted me in my professional expertise, as well as my professional academic pursuits to become a Ph.D. in counseling. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has saved me time and, due to the extensive amount of writing that I must compensate, significantly reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, as my clients know that I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, they express confidence that the information they have provided to me has been accurately portrayed in my reports. The ability of this software to incorporate the specialized language involved in psychotherapy is critical to the care of my clients. Thank you for allowing me to provide my comments regarding the use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Beverley S.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes writing easier for many workers in the workplace. Suddenly, those thinkers who speak better than they write have a new tool to facilitate their work by eliminating the need to concentrate intensely on spelling and grammar and spend more time on the content. Frequently, writing with Dragon NaturallySpeaking frees the mind to think, but I teach Dragon to my students and clients who have learning disabilities. For them, Dragon is a lifesaver. My work as an Education Therapist consists of working with individuals with learning disabilities. Particularly those in college and high school, have a new found freedom for writing their papers. For example, a student who has difficulty spelling is often frustrated and the act of writing is a negative experience for them. Their energies are spent on how to spell a word, even if they have handwritten a rough draft, trying to type and spell correctly while addressing the content leads to a poorly written paper that receives a low grade and lots of criticism. Students with learning disabilities frequently have difficulty multitasking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking assists the students with learning disabilities with spelling since this is a common weakness for individuals with learning disabilities. Common spelling errors are nearly eliminated in writing when the person uses Dragon. For example, the words “what”, “does”, “their” and “there” are lifelong problems for those with learning disabilities -- no longer when the student dictates the paper with Dragon. Suddenly and miraculously these words appear on the page spelled correctly, as do all the words in between those words. The students can hardly believe their eyes that when those all too familiar green squiggly lines identifying spelling errors are not interspersed throughout the paper. The stress subsides. Dysgraphia is another type of learning disability that impacts writing. With the assistance of Dragon, the students no longer have finger and muscle tightness form the physical act of writing; again relief that they can focus on the content of their writing and not on the laborious task of producing it with their hands. Students who spend the small amount of time with me to learn the program are much less anxious about “writing” the paper. These otherwise intelligent students with learning disabilities who have done poorly in courses because of their spelling or dysgraphia are freed from the tasks that make them fail thanks to Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Tisa C.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking has drastically improved my ability to do the work I love! I'm a quadriplegic as the result of an automobile accident. Although I was able to find employment with a state agency after my injury, my work involved answering customer questions by telephone all day. It was very boring! I learned to use DNS almost 10 years ago and it has changed my life. Currently I'm a college instructor and I teach a variety of courses including career planning, orientation to college, and assisted computer literacy. I am now introducing other people to DNS through my computer class. Isn't life amazing?

Keith E.
I've spoken Dragon for 10 years for everything I do on my computer, including e-mail, spreadsheets, and writing. Recently, I finished a 600-page novel called QUANTUM ETHICS that I wrote from beginning to end using Dragon. Within a few weeks of publishing, QUANTUM ETHICS became the #1 best-selling techno-thriller on Amazon's new Kindle electronic book reader. Last week the print-edition finally hit the shelves. I couldn't have done it without Dragon!

Julie L.
I speak Dragon; therefore, I am . . . a highly efficient online instructor. I teach freshman composition courses. Virtually all of this instruction takes place though the written word, typed laboriously at computer keyboards. In all fairness, online colleges strive to help their instructors deal with the volume of repetitive feedback (grading) with tools such as online gradebooks that store common comments. These solutions are adequate as long as I’m only working in the gradebook application. I’m far more likely, however, to be switching back and forth between several programs as I teach, and my gradebook comments aren’t accessible for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Word. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has allowed me to save these feedback comments as commands. Now a few spoken words can offer a lengthy explanation of parallel sentence structure, chide a student about possible plagiarism, or even append an evaluation form to an assignment I’m about to grade – no typing, editing, or proofreading required. Online teaching just can’t get easier than that! Students also benefit because I speak Dragon. Not only have I cut my own feedback time by half with the help of Dragon, I am now able to provide more in-depth explanations than before. I can actually teach a grammar point to a student instead of just noting the error. This means that students have the chance to learn more in my classes because of the efficiency that Dragon provides me as their instructor. In fact, students often report on their end-of-course evaluations that they appreciate what they perceive as the “extra time” I took to help them learn to become better writers. Yes, I speak Dragon in my work. What better way to teach online than through a Dragon NaturallySpeaking-empowered virtual classroom?

Durwin S.
My partner and I guide Thinking Expeditions. These are team sessions that focus on specific, difficult problems, engaging the creativity of individuals and the team in very different ways. One of the critical aspects of successful Thinking Expeditions is leveraging everyone's ideas in real time. People can write their ideas - individually in order to capture everyone's thoughts - and these can be collected and transcribed using Dragon. These can then be printed and returned to the team in nearly real time to accelerate their thinking and ideation. As an Idea Catalyst, this accelerated leverage of people's ideas is a key part in the growth and development of ideas. Dragon makes this real-time interaction possible.

Aravind M.
My story is less about how Dragon Naturally Speaking has improved my work, but more about how it has enabled me and my friends to improve our productivity when it comes to finding and learning new material online. I am a CS grad student, and find that screen capture video tutorials are a great way to learn new programming stuff. To simplify the process, I wanted to create a website which has transcripts of these video tutorials. Of course creating transcripts manually, while highly accurate, requires a huge investment of time. So instead I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do the transcription. What a time saver! Though it is not 100% accurate, it is good enough to make my website usable, and lets people jump to specific words inside these video tutorials easily. So if you wanted to learn about a specific subtopic, you can search for the keyword on my website (www.mediastoryboard.com) and if any video contains that word… you can jump directly to that word. Overall, this website has helped me and my friends to use these video tutorials much more effectively and also saved us a bunch of time. Thank you Dragon!

William O.
In the late 1990's I developed severe macular degeneration and in the space of a couple of years became unable to read even a magnifying video monitor. JAWS, a screen reading program, compensated for this deficit. Shortly after that, however, some nerve damage caused to lose effective function of my right hand, so that I was no longer able to write or use the keyboard. I am a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and it is necessary that I keep some notes about my patients. Because of the confidential nature of the information it is out of the question to dictate these to a secretary. As a result for several years I had to rely on my memory (which fortunately is quite good!). Dragon Naturally Speaking has proved invaluable in enabling me to deal with this problem. I now use it with JAWS, with JSay as a bridge to Dragon Naturally Speaking. Instead of using the microphone I dictate into a model #9350 Philips Digital Pocket Memo (compatible with DNS) and download this into the computer. This allows me to do my dictating any place I happen to be and gives me more freedom. In addition, I have learned the keystrokes that allow me to print a hard copy. If I wish to review some of the material later I can scan it into OpenBook, another screen reader, which then reads it aloud to me. My disabilities remain unchanged but, thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking, I have been able to adapt comfortably to the disabilities and continue to use your wonderful program. [Biographical note by Mrs. O…: This amazing man is 90 years old and still in full time practice of medicine, thanks in part to DNS.]

Rozanne W.
I speak Dragon NaturallySpeaking... and Dragon playfully "speaks" to me -- and my staff…A repetitive stress injury from computer overuse nearly 10 years ago turned me into an early user of Dragon in the days when you had to talk V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y, one-word-at-a-time. It was a daily exercise in frustration for me, a fast-paced, deadline-oriented marketing communications executive with a heavy workload whose hands formerly flitted over the keyboard turning out reams of materials, while also juggling hundreds of e-mails daily and managing a busy department. But I had no choice. It was either one word at a time or go on disability. Driven by my need to pay a mortgage and other bills for years to come, I struggled onward... Each new edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking generally improved my work performance. I couldn't work and wouldn't have a highly productive job where I have won more than 10 awards without it. As someone who lived through the era of manual typewriters, electric typewriters, and carbon paper, I am still in awe of being able to "talk" to my computer and have it process what I say...

George F.
I first started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred, Version 3 in 1997. Since that time I have advanced to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Version 9. I’m a practicing professional with more than 30 years of experience. Throughout grade school I struggled with spelling and reading, despite these limitations I graduated with a Masters degree. As you might imagine with limited spelling skills typing was also a challenge. Today I find that I have been diagnosed with dyslexia and a learning disability, which explains a good deal of my academic struggles. Prior to 1997 I dictated all correspondence for transcription by my full-time secretary. Dragon has enabled me to overcome my disability and give me complete independence with regards to work correspondence, e-mail and reports. It has allowed me to work independent of a secretary. As a matter of fact, it has reduced my secretarial need from 40 hours a week to 16. This alone is a major cost savings but the independence to express myself without the assistance of others is an immeasurable in this is directly attributable to Dragon.

Brian P.
I am an Internal Medicine physician who has been using Dragon since version 6. In addition to using Dragon for dictation, I wrote macros to help me be more consistent and thorough in delivering care to patients. Then I wrote macros that allowed my office notes to immediately go into our electronic medical record (EMR) system -- the first time that office notes were available through our EMR. Through the knowledge that I gained in working with Dragon, I was able to help other offices get their notes into the EMR. This ultimately facilitated a system-wide roll-out of a new EMR. Although this new EMR allows for use of traditional transcription services, most providers prefer using Dragon. Dragon now allows me to dictate my office notes in the exam room with the patient. Each note has a complete list of medical problems and current medications. I print a copy of the note and give it to the patient so that the patient can keep it for personal records, give copies to other doctors, or take along while traveling in case of an emergency. Dragon has improved speed of documentation, saved costs in transcription, allowed flexibility in implementation, improved patient satisfaction, and I feel improved delivery of care.

Howard B.
I speak Dragon to improve my work and life. I am a molecular biologist who has Multiple Sclerosis and using a keyboard is impossible. I often author detailed technical reports. Dragon has been able to accurately learn new and complex words and phrases easily. Without Dragon I would not be able to continue my career.

M. Ausubel
I am an Orthodontist. With the help of many assistants, I see 60-100 patients a day. I use dragon professional and wirelessly control my computer. I enter my notes for patient records and view treatment plans, x-rays and communications in a modified Excel software package. I can see this computer information as I move from patient to patient on a wireless near-eye device.

Stefan P. -
“I am a part time photojournalist, and part of my job is doing interviews. I work under very tight deadlines, and unfortunately my typing skills are not the best. Having to transcribe interviews that stretch as much as half an hour, is very difficult, especially when you have to rewind and replay the interview bit by bit. I have held out for as long as I have trying to make do with my typing skills, but with deadlines becoming more and more problematic, as more and more work comes in, I have stumped up for a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition. I started using my copy yesterday evening, and I must say that it has become a lot easier to transcribe my interviews, especially since I now can listen to the interview, rewind and forward while repeating the interview out loud into my microphone. I have not yet used the transcription option, but I am sure I will soon. Thanks to you, I am able to improve my productivity by at least half.”

Dipen S. -
“I am a practising attorney in High court and we are regularly giving dictations everyday hundreds of pages. Availability of stenographers was always an issue. With Dragon 9 preferred all my dictation related issues are resolved. I can give dictation even at 12 in night from my home. The accuracy is almost 97% i must say and comparing to typing its very fast. I have drafted hundreds of petition and software actually learns with experience…I am extremely happy and satisfied with software I recommend it to all lawyers and professionals.”

David M. -
“Dragon naturally speaking has greatly improved my productivity as a school psychologist working at three busy elementary schools. I can write my reports faster and include a lot more details about the children I test. I used to leave out information from parents and teachers that I did not have time to type. Thanks for making such a useful product.”

David F. -
“As a very poor typist, is a great boon for me to be able to talk my reports, as a clinical psychologist, into the computer. Also, in entering forms such as spreadsheets,.pdf files,Quicken records, and e-mail.”

Stephen V. -
“Dear Dragon, I am a graduate student in sociology and currently writing my dissertation. The data for the project include 70 digitally recorded interviews which range in length from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Before I could analyze these interviews I needed to transcribe them. Here is how the task would normally work: You play the tape or digital file through headphones using transcription software or a transcription machine that allows you to slow the speed of the recording, stop, rewind, etc. As the recording plays you type what you hear from the interviewer and the informant into a word processing program. I have discussed transcription with many researchers and no non-professional has ever reported being able to transcribe at a speed faster than 3 1/2 hours of transcription for every hour of interview. My own speed typing is about 4 hours per hour of interview. The task is mentally and physically exhausting and after even a few days of it my hands and forearms ache. Needless to say this task is dreaded by other graduate students and qualitative researchers and many spend a great deal of time applying for grants to hire others to do it for them. Besides the cost, the problem with hiring out the task is that others lose the nuances of your interview, they won't notice the pregnant pauses or the tone of voice. I have used Dragon to save tremendous time, effort, and physical pain without losing the ability to transcribe the interviews first-hand. What I do is play the digital recording through my computer and while I listen to it on my headphones, I speak everything I hear into Dragon. I usually slow the recording slightly so that if I need to pause to hear something at low volume I can stop speaking and I don't have to pause the recording or rewind in order to catch up. The process is amazingly smooth and actually enjoyable. The best part: I have cut my transcription time from 4 hours of typing to around 1 1/2 hours of speaking for every hour of recording. Last Fall I transcribed all of my dissertation interviews over the course of a few weeks. I had about 70 hours of recording that would have required about 280 hours of typing but it only took me around 100 hours using Dragon. It would be hard indeed to quantify the cost of all that typing on my hands and morale over the course of several months. At times graduate school can seem to last forever and there is nothing like a little help speeding things up. Thanks Dragon!”

Sister MJV -
“Discovering "Naturally Speaking" has been a real gold mine for me. I have the great privilege and responsibility of writing the history of our religious congregation in preparation for its 2009 Centennial. At first it seemed like an overwhelming task. Although covering the events of the past century is still more than a challenge, I have found Naturally Speaking to be a tremendous help. We were established in the first decade of the twentieth century to meet the needs of immigrants seeking a better life in "The New World." Teachers were needed to educate the children of the poor. Treasured letters from people long gone reveal the struggle, the uncertainties, the pain and anguish, wondering whether or not the goal was attainable and worth pursuing. It is essential to the history to record excerpts and/or entire letters which reveal the unbelievable courage and conviction our founders had. Recording these letters and providing commentaries or some explanation was a daunting task until I discovered "Naturally Speaking." My task has become greatly simplified by reading excerpts from the letters and commenting on them as I would in conversation. This has made the text sound much more natural. In addition to the letters, there are some portions of the history that are humorous, exciting, poignant, or just simply better told spontaneously than pondered and written. Needless to say, I am deeply grateful to have Naturally Speaking assist me in this privileged project. It certainly has saved me a great deal of time to have oral history recorded immediately.”

Jerry C. -
“I am a university professor, teaching at the graduate level. Our faculty uses an online product that allows students to submit their work. The individual faculty members assess the student work online. Many of our faculty members are lacking in keyboarding skills and this presents a problem getting the entire faculty to use the new assessment method. With Naturally Speaking, our faculty members are able to assess the student work, leave comments, and recommendations/suggestions with little or no keyboarding skill. This has been a marvelous tool to assist in the implementation of an online assessment system that provides almost immediate feedback to our students. The net result has been the realization of improved student performance, a quicker response time in providing feedback and students that are more appreciative of their education. Thanks for developing a product that provides a solution to our problem.”

Mary B.
“I'm in private practice as a bilingual rehabilitation counselor, vocational expert, and life care planner. I'm also a doctoral student. I use Naturally Speaking in conjunction with EndNote to store information that allows for fast and easy access of tons of resources I need for both professional and academic purposes. For example, if I'm looking for information on a topic and do a literature search, I can bring some of the information into EndNote. However, Naturally Speaking allows for me to enter a considerable amount of information, particularly into the "Notes" field, that would otherwise be typed in and could constitute hours of additional work. Therefore, as I read the article, or other source, I speak in the summary into the record. It serves the dual purpose of allowing me to better learn the information contained in the article while simultaneously having it stored into an EndNote library record for later access. And, it makes me way, way, way more efficient in what I do professionally and academically.”

Roy T.
“I am a retired inventor from a major US corporation. I have been doing consultant work for inventors and small companies who have created new devices and are seeking patents. The first step in a that process is to search the patent databases of the US Patent and Trademark Office and other countries where patent protection may be advised. The patent search engines require typing in terms and Boolean expressions followed by mouse controls to activate the search. The mouse controls are easy, but the typing is tortuous with one hand. After patents are located I include them in a report built in an outlining program called Action Outline and later add appropriate patents to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Word along with other data that informs the inventor about the prior art that will impact his new application. Since I have recently had a shoulder replacement operation, I cannot type effectively and decided to use Dragon Naturally Speaking 5…This program allows me to continue with my consulting work and has proven to be so useful, that I will be replacing more of my former typing tasks with Dragon Naturally Speaking even as my afflicted hand regains mobility. As the program's technical vocabulary increases with each new patent search, the number of corrections has decreased significantly further improving my efficiency.”

Chris B.
“Time management! As everybody is aware, the life of an IT person never seems to slow down. On a daily basis, we deal with user requests, technical research, system troubleshooting, system upgrades, application support, client service standard levels and reports. In our world, having two sets of hands when the brain is processing work for 4 sets of hands can be quite frustrating. With the help of Dragon, now we can gain back time as we do not need to type to ensure the emails are being replied to, or open applications via the mouse when we can verbally use Dragon to open them, or to simple tasks that [Dragon] macros can be created for like copying and pasting, switching between windows, closing/minimizing windows etc. I have been very happy with using Dragon as it has helped me discover a new era of computing - hands free! I even browse the web with it! Dragon is a diamond in the rough and I say that because the benefits have not yet been fully realized by the average end user and hopefully when it is, people can reap the time rewards.”

Tibor H.
“I'm a family physician in rural Ontario. Despite our small size, we run a busy emergency department with over 25,000 visits yearly. You can imagine how hard it is to conduct a history and deal with investigations and treatments on a timely basis. I have pioneered the use of voice dictation in our emergency department which allows me to reduce my charting to one minute or less. As a matter of fact, statistically, I am the fastest ER officer in our department and this is largely due to the gain in productivity using the Dragon Medical edition. I continue the use of this program in my office and have used versions since before [version] 4. The additional time not lost to charting by hand has allowed me to see 10-15 patients more daily!!! Overall, the gains to my practice both from productivity, medical care and economic efficiency has been nothing less than phenomenal!”

Roger F.
“I make my living by buying and selling collectible comic books. Whenever I buy a collection I have to go through them one by one and check them for a number of factors including the age, condition of the cover, condition of the spine, any markings on the covers or the pages and a number of other things. Before getting my Dragon program I would have to pick up each book, make note of each of the factors, then put the book down and type the information in the computer. Now I simply talk and Dragon does the rest.”

Jaquie D.
“I am a teacher with multiple sclerosis. In order to teach, I have to prove that I can communicate with my team of teachers, both verbally and written. I would not be able to do the written without my Dragon. I receive 10 to 30 e-mails each day. Most of these need a reply. So your wonderful product has saved my career and my life.”

Jerome S.
“As a physician in clinical practice, I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking since its first release. Version 8.0 was good for office letters which are quite standardized in terms of vocabulary. Version 9.10 has the full capability to handle the twists and turns of language used to document a medical office visit. I currently dictate all of my patient visits using Dragon. So for a $100 upgrade, I eliminated $450 per month in transcription fees and my note is in the patient’s chart before they have reached the parking lot. And at the end of the day, I transfer all of my dictations to my thumb drive…just in case Mrs. Schmidlapp should call with a question about that “green pill” that I gave her three months ago. So which is better? One hundred bucks for an upgrade or $450 per month forever? Hmmm, lemme think.”

Peter K.
“I am a physician and I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred since 2000 with version 5 to version 9 when I started my practice. Prior to using Dragon, I spent $2,000/month for transcription. since I have used Dragon, I no longer use the transcription service. This allow me to save $168,000 for the past 7 years. I see approximately 100 patient a week which means that I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred to dictate 150,000 charts for the past 7 years. Dragon has allowed me to spend quality time with my family and to dictate at home,office and even at my children's Lacrosse practice. By using Dragon with a fax program, my referral physicians receive their notes on the same day I dictate instead of 2 weeks after transcription. Thanks Dragon.”

William K.
“My name is William and I am a theatrical Lighting Designer. I have started using Dragon to dictate and record all my notes during technical and dress rehearsals. In the past, designers like myself were only able to either write down their own notes, taking your attention away from what was going on upon the stage, OR dictate notes to an assistant, which also required you to often repeat yourself. The pressure of a technical rehearsal is immense, and you have very little time to get your cues worked out correctly. There are so many people involved, especially in a major musical, that time is very expensive. I am able to accurately dictate my notes very quickly, with much more detail that if I was writing them out. I can sort them by saying "Director, discuss opening of Act 2", or "Costumes, ask about color of hats", for those notes that go to different people. I can say "Cue 5, move to next line", or "Cue 5, change to 10 seconds". This way, at the end of the night I can sort the notes in my computer and deal with them all before the next rehearsal. I'ts been very beneficial to me, as I am more organized, can use my tech time much more efficiently, and saves the producers money, which also helps me get the next job!”

No name given
“I am a physician and have been using Dragon for over 10 years. Dragon has significantly increased my productivity on several levels in my office. We are a two-person medical specialty office and my partner also uses Dragon. Firstly, our documentation regarding patient visits has markedly improved as requirements from insurance companies have become more demanding. We have had several audits in the past and most auditors comments have been extremely favorable regarding the legibility of our notes and the level of documentation. While I do not have an electronic medical record program per se, I save all my dictations on my patients as templates. Therefore when they return I simply update and dictate into the template. If I receive a phone call from the patient or another physician, I can view their last letter, medical problems and medications instantly. Dragon has allowed me to easily update a patient's problem list and physical examination. Better documentation translates into better patient care. After dictating my consultation, I immediately print the document and it is ready to be filed. At the same time, I Fax the letter to the referring physician via my computer. Therefore, the referring physician often receives a consultation before the patient leaves the office. Not only does this make for better patient care, but we no longer send out letters via mail. This has saved a substantial amount of time and money in our small office. Needless to say, using Dragon has drastically decreased transcription costs. We estimated in the past that we save at least $10,000 per year since we are a consultative office and sent letters on just about all our patients. In summary, our productivity gain can be measured several ways. Because we document a more detailed examination, we can bill more aggressively and justify our high level of care. Because we document everything by dictation, we have instant access to almost all of a patient's medical problems, whether we are in the office or at the hospital. Referring physicians appreciate receiving our consultations in a swift and timely manner. All of these aspects clearly increase our efficiency and productivity.”

Thomas W.
“I currently use “The Dragon” (v9.1) to significantly reduce the amount of time to grade graduate level student papers and increase my effectiveness as an Online University Instructor. I use the Dragon as my "right arm" for Syllabus writing and commenting on (grading) student. The virtual classroom requires daily presence and electronic writings (postings) that respond to the students “virtual classroom discussion” and course guidance questions. Typically, I use The Dragon to respond to students using Outlook Express. I have used the “Command” feature to create a set of approximately 50 “Dragon Codes” that let me quickly insert my standard phrases into a student paper. For example: “Code 18” enters into a student’s paper “Sentence period goes after citation; APA manual, paragraph 3.39, p. 120.” I use the Microsoft Office Suite of products (Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel and PowerPoint) for the course work. The Dragon is invaluable in all three of these applications to quickly convert my thoughts into text. Time is of the essence for me. I can typically reduce the amount of time required to provide student feedback and grade student papers by 10 to 15 minutes each. This time saving becomes significant in view of a single assignment generating 15 to 20 papers (about 3,000 words each) per week. I use several Excel spreadsheets to keep track of class administrative records as well as grades. Numerical entries using The Dragon are much quicker and more accurate. I not only use The Dragon for my course work, I use it for innumerable personal tasks from writing formal letters, writing business Memo’s (that I Fax), and keeping up with my e-mail traffic. I am active in community organizations that require meeting minutes, planning documents, and personal correspondence (such as thank you letters). I must mention that on occasion my fingers, hands and wrists simply give out and further keyboarding becomes very painful -- enter The Dragon. By shifting more PC text entries to The Dragon, I can continue with my computer work. I have used The Dragon for over five years. The latest version (v9.1) is a significant improvement over previous versions. The Greatest Productivity Gain, for me, can be summarized with the statement that The Dragon is truly an enabling tool for time conservation, increased voice-to-text effectiveness, and as an enabler for significantly increased productivity. I estimate that I am 125% to 150% more effective using The Dragon.”

Bettye K
“Court reporters take it down fast; some of us up to 350 words per minute. I am a "voice writer" court reporter who takes it down with my voice. Dragon has opened the future to voice writers, some of whom achieved the NVRA Realtime Verbatim Reporter (RVR) certification. The NVRA RVR test I passed requires minimum accuracy of 96% in a 5-minute test where the first and fifth minutes are at 180 wpm, second and fourth minutes are at 190 wpm, and the third minute is at 200 wpm. I've used speech recognition since beginning my court reporting career, over the years collecting innumerable tricks and tips to coax much more out of the speech recognition engine than the designers had envisioned. I wrote a book on the subject called Voice Writing Method, I'm on my second book, and I travel the country giving speech recognition seminars. Nuance's products will help convert the court reporting industry's 60,000 positions from the stenotype method, invented in the late 1800s, to a state-of-the-art speech recognition-based occupation for the 21st Century. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has mandated provision of captioning services, and the brand new field of webcaptioning has just been born, both of which are perfect for speech recognition. Intersteno, a global organization of national reporting organizations, will host this year in Prague conferences that showcase speech recognition. Chinese, German, Italian and Japanese advances will also be discussed. Conversion of the court reporting and captioning industry has recently begun in Australia and India. Thank you, Nuance! Your technology is recreating an entire industry which was born thousands of years ago, and even enabling new lucrative careers across the world.”

Ronald P.
“I am a Real estate broker with two offices and 20 agents. I am required to review escrow files from many agents in multiple locations. I dictate my review notes and email them off to the agents for completetion. It saves hours.”

David S.
“As a translator of Baby-Boomer age, I had only an average affinity for keyboarding and found it a stressful experience. Dictating on tape and sending the work out for word processing was expensive. I have found the Dragon an excellent solution. I can work faster than before, and am far less tired at the end of the day, because speaking is less stressful than keyboarding. Good luck with future endeavours, Mr. Dragon.”

Julie R.
“We have a small Trout Fishing resort business, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 has been a God-send in more ways than one. We acquire sales leads through various regional websites, whose readers opt-in to receive vacation information on our area, and through our own website. From all sources, I send out up to 100 sales letters per day, either through email or USPS. Each one of these potential guests has different interests and needs, and therefore I've always felt a personalized letter best. My average sales letter is 1500+ words. I make the effort to answer all their questions. You can't even begin to imagine the time this used to take, even with quick typing & copying and pasting different parts of other sales letters... This is why my competition typically sends out a form letter to answer inquiries -- very impersonal to say the least. But I have an advantage with my Dragon! For example, when a potential guest fills out an on-line inquiry form, the # of potential activities they can check to communicate their interests is around 20. And, of course, this leads to a high number of combinations of the 20 various activities. By creating (a bunch) of Custom Words in Dragon for most of these combinations, and then coupling that with the Auto-Correct functionality found in MS Word, I can create a completely personalized sales letter -- usually over 1500+ words (about 2 pages single-spaced) -- print them with envelopes, or send them as emails, TYPICALLY IN 15 - 30 SECONDS EACH! Now that I have my little system fine-tuned, what used to take me well over 6-7 hours per day, takes me less than 1 hour! That is literally more than a 600% to 700% increase in productivity! And for all the other regular email banter I encounter each day (and there is a lot of it) -- Dragon cuts that time in 1/2, too. Even though I am a 62-65 wpm typist, my typing can't even begin to keep up with Dragon. The increase in productivity has been amazing. On a side note... I was beginning to develop carpal tunnel in my right wrist, which was a real problem for me, as it was beginning to interfere with my fly-fishing, and of course I couldn't have that! By getting a new ergo-keyboard and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, my carpal tunnel is gone, and I have more time for my own "product research"... :-) Yes, you could say that Dragon helped me put the fear of God back in the Monster Trout of the White River. Once again, the fish tremble when they hear my name...”

Myron F.
“I see about 60 patients per week in my gastroenterology office. Dictation is required for each patient encounter. Using Dragon and templates created for me, I am able to pull up the patient's prior notes with all the past medical history, procedures, diagnoses, allergies, past history, and more, all ready filled in. I just have to dictate the new history and physical exam, along with a treatment plan. This has saved me countless of hours and increased my productivity. It also has provided for a note compliant with the third party payors so as to document the level of billing submitted. Finally, it is safer for patient care as all the relevant information such as allergies is present on each note. Prior to using Dragon, I had to spend twice the time documenting all these points. Thank you Dragon.”

Janet V.
“Me and my husband are avid, and I really do mean avid, book readers. We had books that we read piled in stacks about the house. It got to the point where I was re-ordering books I had already read. I decided to create a searchable list of all of our books, both read and unread, and input the data using my Dragon software. I was amazed at the number of authors' names and publishers that Dragon automatically recognized. I Love my Dragon!”

Charles C.
“While working on an idea for a children's screenplay, and or video game, one of my more enjoyable uses with Dragon was to set up the laptop in a noisy environment such as one of those warehouse clubs, have some pizza (food from the gods) and start working on the script and or story. For some reason, the creative process is much more fluid [than] at the home office. The ability to speak directly referring to either dialog and or character description greatly improved my productivity.”

Mike H.
“I am the Associate Medical Director of Puget Sound Physicians. We staff a busy Emergency Department at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue Washington. Our ED cares for about 55,000 emergency patients per year. 15 of our doctors started using Dragon Voice Recognition two years ago. For this group of Emergency Physicians, Dragon has replaced traditional human transcriptionists. We use Dragon to generate text that we drop into an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Our EHR is Ibex, an ED EHR produced by PICIS. Our Physicians have become very sophisticated users of Dragon. We use this application at work when we get a chance in the heat of the ER battle, we also use it at home to complete our charts in the comfort of our own homes. We have Dragon installed on fixed work stations in the Emergency Department as well as on computers on rolling carts that we can take into patient rooms or use anywhere we want in the Emergency Department. We use top quality directional microphones and we have had no problem with background noise - we are able to use Dragon amid the chaos and noise of an Emergency Department without difficulty. Large cost savings have been realized by avoiding our traditional dependence on human transcriptionists. By using Dragon in conjunction with our electronic health record we are able to stay at the cutting edge of the current revolution in Electronic Health Records. We have updated to every new version as it comes out. Our accuracy is excellent and we are very satisfied with the product.”

Carter B.
“This is a great question. I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a number of years and would be lost without it. I initially purchased Dragon naturally speaking because my typing skills were limited to a two finger hunt and peck style, plus I do not have immaculate spelling skills. Consequently, prior to using the Dragon Naturally Speaking program, I was spending more time searching the keyboard for typeset input, or correcting misspelled words, rather than maintaining my focus on the document that I was creating. Furthermore, I use a wireless microphone system that allows me to detach myself from the keyboard and walk around my home office while dictating correspondence which is an added value. Another great feature is utilizing the Dragon system when I’m online chatting with associates. More often that not they are amazed at how rapidly I am responding to their comments. In conclusion, the Dragon system is so user friendly and accurate, that I am now spending less time creating more concise correspondence in a timely and non-frustrating manner; plus writing a memorandum is no longer a chore, it is a pleasure.”

James F.
“I've been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for about 20 years. During that time it is being used in my business and personal life and produced thousands of documents, presentations, research papers, manuals, presentation and magazine articles that have been published. In 2004 I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and began writing a book "Hit the Target Every Time" "The Tactical Entrepreneurial Manual for Running Your Business", which was published in 2005. After submitting the early chapters to my editor, she stated that I had to punch it up a bit…My answer I sat back in my chair was to recite from memory what appeared in those pages. This is when more than 25 years as a professional speaker came in handy, since I discovered many years ago I can speak much better and I can write. Upon completing my verbal presentation, she said it was exactly what she wanted to see my do…The solution was quite easy, from that point on before I began any writing session I opened the Dragon and charged forward. My book was published in 2005 and has met with a great degree of acclaim…”

Thomas M.
“I am a psychotherapist for emotionally disturbed children and adolescent. As budgets are being cut, I have less and less time to write quality notes about my clients. By using the Dragon, I am able to see more children and write better notes for other professionals to use. My empoyer and colleagues are so impressed with my personal version and production, they are buying the commercial version for the whole department to use. What a life saver! (Literally)”

Orin J.
“My job is translating the Bible's New Testament ancient Greek language into the current English language. Certainly a lot goes into this endeavor, but being able to simply speak to text what my research provides is a tremendous gain for the fruits of my labor. And truly amazing is that Dragon is already set up to recognize almost every religious term, name, reference, etc, that I say to it. Before I had to wait until I could find the strength to type, but now with Dragon I've been able to translate and type (Talk to the Dragon) the first six books of the New Testament in less than three months (considering that the translation research prior to text entry is quite involved). God bless you all at Nuance for keeping the Dragon alive and well.”

Warren M.
“I am a dermatologist in a large multispecialty clinic and we converted to an electronic medical record several years ago, instead of the previous dictated transcription record. This change added at least an hour a day to my work schedule for two years, because I am a poor typist. Recently we added Dragon N S 9 Medical to our EMR and it has made a BIG difference my productivity, because it takes me much less time to finish my charts and the notes are now more complete and satisfy the billing codes better. I get out of the clinic at least an hour earlier than before!! This program is not perfect, but I am very impressed at the level of speech recognition and I recently also bought the regular program for my home computer!”

Peter W.
“I purchased version 8 in March of 06. I am a licensed professional counselor. In March my boss announced that he was retiring effective July 06. My boss had state contracts doing group therapy with adult correctional clients. I decided to write a proposal and bid for the contracts. I have however never learned to type. I type about two words a minute and that's on a good day. I could not afford to hire a secretary to type Up the dictation on my contract proposals. I decided to take a chance and purchase the Dragon software. When I first received your software I took several hours performing general training. When I first started dictating I was typing 20 words a minute using my voice. By the end of the first weekend I was able to dictate 60 words a minute. I was totally shocked and I decided to start dictating all my assessments, treatment plans, case notes, and progress reports at work using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 voice dictation software. Prior to Dragon it took 90 minutes to dictate a 10 page report , 150 minutes to type up the report , an additional half hour to proofread the dictation and make final corrections. The first week at work it was taking me 4 hours to dictate the report and make corrections.Within a month between the reports I would write at work and the contract proposal I was doing at night and on weekends I was able to type a report using my voice at the rate of 120 to 140 words a minute. I can dictate a 10 page assessment from start to final product in around two hours. I ended up writing up seven separate state contracts each over 70 pages in length. The Timeline from When the state posted the contract specifications until bids needed to be turned in was 30 days. I got all seven contracts done and was awarded all seven. If it was not for Dragon I would have never been able complete everything in time which allowed me to start my own business. Shortly after starting my new business I found out about Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9. As soon as I found out that I could transfer my precious voice files from eight to nine I immediately ordered it.I just love using Dragon and would be lost without it. Thanks to your wonderful programs I have the job of my dreams and a secretary that has to do very little typing.”

Edward L.
“I am a neurosurgeon. I began using speech recognition with Power Secretary. I even switched my whole office to Macintosh and switched back to Windows to follow NaturallySpeaking. Every patient I see comes from a referral source. Consequently, every time I see a patient I write a letter utilizing NaturallySpeaking. It is faxed back to the referring Dr. immediately so that he is in the loop of patient care. Prior to this software, I had to hire a typist and then wait a week before this could be returned. I now orient my entire office around the utilization of this indispensable software. Not to mention the time and money that I have saved over the number of years that I have been using it.”

No name given
“I have been using Dragon dictation software for the past eight years and it has changed my life and my ability to be successful both in the educational realm as well as the professional. I was in third grade when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. In high school I actually had to go to other peoples houses to have them write papers for me because my disability. When I got into college I was introduced to adaptive technology including Dragon dictation. It changed my life and gave me a significant amount of both independence and a feeling of accomplishment. 3 1/2 years later I graduated from college with honors with [Dragon’s] assistance. When I graduated I had a 3 grade reading and spelling level, so without dragon I would have never finished. When I graduated I was very intimidated by the concept of going into the workforce with my disability and not knowing how to address employers about my needs, so I decided to go into the adaptive technology field myself and now I set up and train handicapped people throughout Wisconsin on how to use the adaptive software. I have been doing it for the past four years and I absolutely love it, it's such a great feeling to be able to give back to the society and work with people like myself. I've helped set up some amazing Dragon users with some real unique disabilities and needs. Two years ago I decided to continue on with my education and now am enrolled in a MBA program. Dragon has impacted more than my ability just to have better written communication but it is also increased my ability to express my thoughts, increased my site recognition for reading, and give me the opportunity to be a more traditional individual and enjoy some of the simple things in life that everybody else seemed to be able to do without any problems like instant messaging my friends. To this day I still use Dragon in my work, school and just about every other aspect of my life that requires a writing capability. Even though I have no physical disability I even enjoy a lot of the verbal command capabilities because I've had to learn them to teach others how to use them and found that they are very functional and even worked well for a person like me that has mobility issues. One of the greatest accomplishments of my life was to graduate from college. I am the first person in my family to ever complete a four-year degree and one of the big reasons why I was able to complete this was because of the use of the Dragon dictation software.”

Larry G.
“I'm a retired attorney who embarked on a second career as a writer. I use a digital voice recorder when interviewing subjects, for accuracy and to make for a more natural-feeling conversational environment. But the interviews must be transcribed! Before buying Dragon 9, I faced the unpleasant choice of either paying a transcriptionist or spending hours at the keyboard to turn my interviewee's words into text. But since getting Dragon 9, I now put the sound file on my hard drive; then, I simply open one window to play back the interview and a second window with Dragon Pad. Then, I play a segment on window one and re-dictate the interviewee's words on window 2. A two-hour interview which formerly took 4 - 6 hours to transcribe now takes about 2-1/2 - 3 hours, a significant time saving!”

Catherine W.
“I am a very busy neurologist in clinical practice but I also lecture around the country on applying functional medicine and clinical nutritional biochemistry to improving human health. I started using Dragon in the 1990's, the very earliest versions but have applied new features progressively. It goes like this, I was ecstatic when I could start to say "chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy" and the system would have typed it before I got it out, but the other features that let me just use the initials were the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I bless the day I came across this software and now use voice recognition to prepare my slides, organize my presentations and manage all the inevitable paperwork involved in keeping patient records…”

Mark T.
“I use Dragon 9 to dictate into WordPerfect documents. This is tremendously helpful because when Dragon recognizes my words, and it almost always does, the words are spelled correctly the first time. Sure I can spell, and yes I can type, but even though I can spell anything I want to type, I cannot type accurately everything I try to type. So I type two words, or more likely one word, then backspace to erase the wrongly typed word, try to re-type it correctly, then backspace again, try it again, and this goes on a hundred times in a short document. But not with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 ( got it the first time), I dictate, it's spelled right the first time, every time...”

Robert M.
“So, back in high school, before the invention of the personal computer and just after Edison invented electricity, I had a choice... typing or mechanical drawing. I chose mechanical drawing which I have never used since. Throughout most of my 25 year career in large organizations, I had a secretary who took dictation or dictation equipment that somebody else typed. In my early 50s, out on my own, with a priority on reducing overhead, it was taking me all day to type a letter I first wrote out in longhand. Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing did not permit hunt and peck and forced repetition did not improve either my speed or my accuracy. Needless to say finding Dragon NaturallySpeaking was a very happy day. In the beginning, I blamed early versions for not being accurate. I had to confront the reality that either I mumbled or spoke a foreign language that I never learned or I had a northern New York accent that voice recognition software didn't recognize. Unfortunately, it was two out of three. Today, with NaturallySpeaking version 9 and my contact management software, I produce hundreds of letters a week, surf the net and articulate better than ever. But that isn't the source of my greatest productivity. With a no longer manufactured headset device from Logitech, (I just bought three from a Canadian company on eBay), I can finish a phone conversation, hang up the receiver and immediately dictate a summary of the conversation into my contact management software. I have an immediate record of all conversations relating to complicated negotiations for the buying and selling of businesses. None of the other parties are able to document agreements as quickly or as accurately. Our clients benefit as a result. Want more? As soon as I come out of the meeting, I take my hand written notes, dictate them into the contact management software and have a record for my partner and our clients… immediately. Thank you Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In this day and age I would be unemployable without you.”

Richard P.
“My solo cardiology practice employed two full-time transcriptionists but was always 4-5 days behind in getting out our consults and notes to our referring physicians. We switched to Dragon a number of years ago and immediately were no more than 5 minutes behind (the time it took to proof read the dictations) prior to sending them out. We currently have no transcriptionists and have replaced them with more nurses to provide better and faster patient care as well as information to our referring physicians.”

Taz T.
“…I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to help me create and produce outdoor recreation books on hiking, biking, kayaking and Nordic skiing. In the field I use a lightweight noise canceling headset attached to a lightweight touch activated, Sony recorder with a removable memory card. I carry the recorder in a pocket inside my wind breaker to protect it from moisture. I download the voice files via a dedicated memory card reader onto my PC. I then process the voice files, using Dragon Naturally Speaking, into text to create my initial copy for my books. Using this recording and conversion system not only saves me hours of note taking in the field and more hours of transcribing in my office, but encourages and enables me to record far more detailed information on a wider range of topics from weather and trail conditions to geology and ecology. This entire voice recording and conversion to text process, made possible by Dragon Naturally Speaking, allows me to spend far less time on the tedious production of text, and devote far more time, energy and effort to the more creative processes of photography, design, map making copy editing and page layout. Since me books are so copy intensive, my overall book production time has been reduced by 60%! Thanks Nuance for Dragon Naturally Speaking!”

Barry K.
“I am a dermatologist in private practice and have a great number of patients on referral. I have to write letters to the referring physician on each patient I see. In the past I used to type the letter, copy them, and then fax them. Since using Dragon nine especially with the service pack I do letters individually, which are almost word perfect and correct them and then fax them directly from the computer. This saves a great deal of time and I actually enjoy doing it. It has changed the way I practice.”

Dan W.
“I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 to prepare page/line indexes of deposition transcripts resulting from litigation of civil matters. These indexes are used by my attorney client at trial or arbitration to allow him to review deposition testimony without going through lengthy deposition transcripts. My billing had been set at 25 pages an hour. Since I started using Dragon, I have increased my productivity to over 30 pages an hour. This is a great improvement. Added benefit is less stress on the hands, back and neck.”

Roy C.
“I have [Dragon] on my laptop with Verizon wireless in my vehicle. When I receive a telephone call, I dictate a note directly into the laptop when the call is fresh in my mind... No time wasted dictating at the office. E-mail is a snap to dictate [is that a "Snap Dragon"?] while I drive. The time in my vehicle becomes productive instead of boring transportation. I dictate and send the e-mail with a CC to me for a record. Having used speech recognition to dictate without a transcriptionist, I am spoiled to have my reports immediately available...”

Steve S.
“I am chiropractor. I have to keep patient notes. This can be a long and tedious task. Years ago, with dragon 4 or 5, I don't remember I had my first experience with voice recognition. After writing with a pen day after day taking notes on patient records I said to myself there must be a better way. I researched this on the net and I found dragon Naturally Speaking. I purchased my first one. I upgraded every year and now I sit back and dictate my patient notes with ease on a daily basis. I did subsequently buy a Sony portable dictator. Which I do carry around and beautifully it will transcribe into my word program all my patient notes at the end of the day. It gives me the freedom to dictate notes in a private room or anywhere I want to go in the office. I have reduced my time sitting and writing with a pen to a fraction of the time. I love it.”

David C.
“I'm a webmaster and photographer for a high-volume car dealership outside Boston, which keeps me busy babysitting seven websites and taking and processing 150+ car photos every week. Home time often finds me taking care of necessary things there when maybe, just maybe, I'd rather not…Therefore my free time is extremely short and I can only grab moments at random to do my writing. I'm often in a position where I can't write on my PC or laptop, so I've carried a blank book or notepaper to write notes and thoughts in longhand. Thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking, I was able to transcribe my notes and chapters and author the first and only how-to book on the knuckleball, The Knucklebook, which was published a year ago. This is so helpful and enthralling to be able to get everything down in such an efficient way without losing precious notes and ideas, I'm continuing the fun while authoring my first novel, having now added a pocket-size digital voice recorder to further automate the system... because I can't hand-write on my two-hour daily commute, either. But now I CAN write something... anything! Is it now easier to write my monthly column for an online sports magazine? You betcha. Email? I'm getting better at that, too. Copy for my occasional eBay listing? Easy. The more I use it, the more Naturally Speaking is becoming my right arm. Before I got the idea for your product, I could not imagine how I could take advantage of any free time I might've found. Now I'm surprised at how much time I actually have that I can take full advantage of….I've got to thank you for one precious tool.”

George F.
“I found the program cuts my time by 75% in completing massive amounts of federal paperwork. Your program should be given an award for cutting through the red tape regarding production time. Saving countless man-hours I am able to complete my work in a fraction of the time spent by my peers. I have recommended the program to numerous professionals and look forward to continued productivity with your product”

Ken P.
“I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to build my eBay listings. I have two different scenarios for doing this. Sometimes I dictate my descriptions and detailed information about the items as I shoot my photographs in my studio. This allows me to deal with the photography without concerning myself with the listing details. That allows me to move much more quickly through the photography session while still capturing all the descriptive information I will need later. The second scenario is when I have items that have been consigned through me. My consignor's give me write ups that describe the items they are selling. I will have taken the photographs in advance of the listing creation process. Using the DNS methodology, I scan their notes, and formulate a grammatically correct description of their item. I find I can produce more listings in a given amount of time with fewer revisions if I'll just spend a few moments organizing my thoughts. DNS also allows me to enter commands while diverting my attention to notetaking or other non-computer tasks. For instance, while using eBay's Turbo Lister, I find myself issuing closeout commands like "click Save" while making notations on my log sheet for the auction just completed. Finally, some of the shortcuts that are standard in DNS (like "allcaps that") are unavailable or extremely obscure in other typing tools. I would be lost without these capabilities now that I have become accustomed to them. I am an inveterate "Hunt-and-Peck" typist with what I believe to be the fastest "backspace" finger in the Southwest. But I don't use DNS as an exclusive tool in place of my keyboard. Instead, it's an extension of my human-to-computer interface, augmenting my keyboard and mouse. Who needs high performance graphics to become immersed in your computer task? I'm looking forward to Nuance's product that will bring my feet and toes into the equation! (By the way, I DID use DNS to dictate this story!)”

Theodore C.
“Besides handwriting what is it that doctors do the worst. Record keeping!! They actually teach courses in it now in medical school, but that doesn't make us hate it less. Record keeping, keeping the patient charts up to date, is a necessary evil in a medical practice. I have found the device that makes my dictation of chart notes not quite pleasant, but as close as you can get. Voice recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking has made my chart dictation tolerable, but has increased my efficiency and decreased my time spent immensely. There is also a great cost benefit. The old technique, before Dragon, was to dictate the chart notes into a tape recorder. The transcriber would come by the office once per week and pick up the tapes, transcribe them and return the typewritten notes to the office. Each note had to be reviewed and signed and then placed in the appropriate chart. Every now and then the tape would be lost and all of those notes had to be re-dictated. The transcriber charges by the word. If she goes on vacation those words get delayed a week or two. Enter the Dragon. I now dictate and read my notes as Dragon enters them onto my computer screen. At the end of each note I say "signature" and it signs them for me. When I finish a page I print the page on label paper so each note can be pasted into the appropriate chart. Everything is saved on my computer so that when a note is lost I simply re-print it. I have standard forms for letters and operative notes which saves me huge amounts of time. As I watch my partners, who are stuck in the 20th century, struggling with their dictation and paying the transcriber I smile smugly because I know that I can get my dictation done cheaply, efficiently and almost enjoyably”

Dixon d.
“When Dragon 9.0 came out with enhance Bluetooth wireless mic support, I immediately purchased one of your recommended high-end microphones. And not a moment too soon. Shortly after the mic was delivered, I accepted an offer from a book publisher to submit a new chapter of my work for their new anthology in 10 days! Ordinarily, writing a piece like this would've taken me a month or more but because Dragon 9.0 can type as fast(faster I think!) as I think and talk that I was able to craft a great draft piece in 72 hours, vet it with a colleague, and email to my publisher. The publisher loved it, sent back his comments and requested a re-write. I finished the re-write, dictating the final paragraph in my car with my laptop strapped in the passenger seat, while driving to the local Starbucks in Kauai. By the time they opened the doors, I finished my edits, and uploaded the new piece. Total? An additional 6 hours! Fantastic! Thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0 I was able to become a new author, and boy, was it the best Thanksgiving ever. Thanks Nuance developers!”

No name given
“I have had Dragon Naturally Speaking for the last four or five versions…I am a college professor, and do lots of research and writing…Dragon has saved me untold hours of time, and has made me a better scholar. I recommend it to my students all the time. I’ve discovered that it’s the world’s best tool for taking notes. Think about it – there are lots of steps in taking notes on books, articles, and other documents. You are reading the book, then turn away to type on a computer or scribble in a notebook, or put stickies on the edge of the page. If you are like me, you get frustrated - you get caught up in what you are reading and forget to take notes at all, or decide you’ll remember it anyway, even though you really know you won’t. Enter Dragon Naturally Speaking. The idea of using DNS to take notes was a eureka moment. I turn on the microphone, and as I read, I simply talk my notes as I go along. No having to stop and look away, then having to find my place again. If I want to quote something, I just say, “open quotes” and away I go…”

No name given
“…as a genealogist, [Dragon] has been invaluable to me for entering genealogy dates, facts and notes into my genealogy software. It makes the work so much faster and less tedious. The program also helps when I travel, permitting me to enter information when it's difficult to use the mouse. I would definitely recommend Dragon to other genealogists. After using Dragon, I would never want to go back to typing my information into the computer.”

Dave C.
“I use Dragon for just about anything that requires typing. I use it for spread sheets, word documents, creating e-mail, filling in forms, and most recently to do my typing in an on-line class sessions...I also like to use it when I don't know how to spell a word, so I give dragon the 1st shot and correct it afterwards if dragon is wrong on spell check. It is usually correct. I use it for creating shopping lists thru a spread sheet program I wrote. There is almost nothing that I don't try to use it for.”

Bob P.
“I was born in 1944, and as I progressed through the school system I had a terrible time trying to learn how to read. I am 62 years old now and as I reflect on my school years one problem comes to mind now. The problem is Dyslexia. Dyslexia was not even a word or condition that anyone knew about in the 50s. Subsequently went through school thinking that I was the dumbest human being on the planet. At this point I am still struggling. Dyslexia still plays a big part in everything when it comes to reading and writing. Never did capture the art of spelling correctly. When I would try to write I had to go back look up words and lose my train of thought. Dragon Naturally Speaking, allows to communicate with others in a very intelligent manner. Would be lost without it, no longer do I have to invest a great periods of time to write. The performance level this program allows me to write and spell! Once upon a time this was only a dream but now through this program Dragons Naturally Speaking it is a definite a reality. To say the least about this program, it has given me confidence. Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful product.”

Victor R.
“I have used the current and previous versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking to write 10 of my 13 new books. The only reson I didn't write the other books with Dragon is because their publication dates predated the availability of this software. Dragon made my words fly with wings!”

Peter L.
“I'm an independent secondary school history teacher who now comments on all his papers using Dragon. I put on my microphone(sometimes at home, sometimes in a local cafe -- where, surprisingly, my murmurings occasion nary a second look)and simply write a number next to each word, sentence, phrase, or paragraph that calls for attention. I then dictate the numeral and my comment in a Word document that I print out and append to the student's paper. Not only has Dragon decreased the amount of time I spend on papers by about 40% -- a HUGE time savings -- but it's also renewed my affection for student writing, since it's easy to engage in a real conversation with students in writing about their prose and ideas. My summary comments on essays, in particular, are much more fully elaborated because Dragon can record my thoughts as quickly as I say them. (Recording my comments in this way has the important ancillary benefit of assuring that I have a electronic copy of all of my comments on student work, a critical resource when it comes to writing both end-of-semester evaluations and college recommendations). What is so striking to me is that using Dragon has yielded a productivity gain not just for me but also for every student I teach. The more comments the kids receive on their written work, the more prepared they are to improve their performance the next time they write, and that's good for everyone concerned.”

Michael A.
“Good morning, I am medical professional, podiatrist, who dictates my patients progress notes on a daily basis. This has eliminated my need for a transcription, which not only saves me money, but allows me to have my completed progress notes, if needed, in only a matter of minutes. Therefore, my referral sources have immediate feedback after I have seen and evaluated their patients. I have been utilizing Dragon Naturally Speaking for the last two years and find it an invaluable component of my practice. Thank you Dragon.”

Jeffrey F.
“Ever since I fed my left index finger to my snowblower I have been challenged to type as quickly as I once did. This really didn't cause a problem until I returned to College last fall to continue my education after nearly thirty years.I certainly felt the pressure to type faster and luckily I found Dragon to be the answer to my problems.I have not fallen behind in my work because of it and in fact have completed my third class already. Thanks for a great product.”

Rob C.
“As the Chief Engineer on a high-tech project, I spend a great deal of my time in airliners and in hotels. As anyone who has done so will attest, using a laptop PC in an airplane is the height of futility. Since my company won't pop for first-class or business-class, I am in coach, trying to open the lid of my laptop enough to see it, het avoiding the person in front of me leaning their seat back and cracking my laptop screen (it has happened twice). At the hotel, I get to put up with the less-than-comfortable-to-use laptop keyboard. The answer: Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. I've trained it to recognize the high-tech-speak I use, and I can now turn my former down-time into productive time, and I always have my trip reports done before I am wheels-down back home. Dictating and then editing the result takes me about 5% of the time it would take to type it in on a keyboard. Time-saving? I still put in more than 40 hours every week, with the productivity gains from Naturally Speaking, I can get by with about 50 hours per week instead of the 65 hours required without it...”

Dave R.
“I use it to insert comments and corrections in student written assignments. I have moved away from written comments to electronic comments. All writing assignments must be submitted electronically. Using Dragon allows me to insert whole paragraphs of comment on content, composition, etc., giving the student a much better understanding of what I am saying. Before Dragon, I would never have been able to make such extensive comments because of the time it took to type the comments. I then return the writing to the students electronically.”

Russell S.
“Simply stated, I use Dragon [Medical] to dictate my office testing and consult notes. My typing service was charging me $0.12 per line. Since using Dragon Medical, I have saved $36,000 per year in transcription costs- and that has been for 5 years-- approximately $180,000 savings!!!”

William O.
“I used to have a business with several associates and an office manager and secretary. As we began to reduce our business activities and get ready for partial retirement, Dragon Naturally Speaking allowed me to get along without my retiring secretary, who had taken care of my typing and dictation. That cut my expenses by about $40,000 per annum. If Dragon could file, I would be even happier!”

Mark R.
“I am a physician specializing in internal medicine, the former Chief of medicine of her local hospital in the head of the six person internal medicine group in West Palm Beach Florida that has been together for over 50 years. I started using the Dragon over 12 years ago and have gradually taught its use to all the members of my group. We have created medical templates for most of the common medical diagnoses and use them frequently. use of the dragon has dramatically speeded up our ability to create accurate medical records at the time of patient visits. We have been able to do without paying for transcription for most of the past decade at the savings of approximately 17,000 dollars per physician. We save the transcript as an electronic medical record in which we can easily e-mail as requested and as a hard copy in the patient's files. When we eventually convert to fully electronic medical records, we should be able to do so easily.”

Jim S.
“As a sales professional and manager in the pharmaceutical industry I knew that my dyslexia was holding me back, but it was not until one of my executive vice president's confronted me with the magnitude of the effect of my poor writing skills. She explained that she was well aware of my intelligence and aptitude for the job however my writing skills were obvious detriments. As she put it she understood that I knew what I was talking about however my e-mails and other forms of correspondence did not reflect my intellect or my technical knowledge to the customer. If anything they were hurting my opportunities. I appreciated her candor and immediately started to look for ways to improve my writing skills. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has by far been the biggest improvement to my overall writing skills and confidence when dictating letters, writing PowerPoint presentations and composing e-mails. I am currently the Director of sales and marketing for a chemical company and incorporate this product in every facet of my business and personal life. It allows me to use my full vocabulary and intellect when writing documents and lets me express myself as who I am and not a person who was limited by dyslexia.”

Bob B.
“A 300% - 400% time savings! As a mobile worker, a dedicated Goldmine (contact management software) user and requiring written documentation and frequent e-mail or letter follow-up of appointments, phone calls and other actions during the day, I would spend hours in the evening inputting into Goldmine, sending e-mails or writing letters. I didn't have a life! A couple years ago I purchased DragonNaturallySpeaking6, but still spent too much time dictating into my PC in the evening and then cutting and pasting the transcription into Goldmine, e-mails or letters. Last year I upgraded to Version 8 (am now at 9.10) and purchased a digital recorder, a Sony ICT-ST 25, that has solved this problem, a quick 4-step process: 1. During the day, at the end of each appointment, phone call or action, I immediately dictate into the digital recorder the salient points, including the nuances of the event which were usually lost when I dictated in the evening. I also dictate follow-up e-mails or letters. 2. That evening, the digital recorder’s dictation is transcribed to a DragonPad while I go out biking, my life is returning! 3. On returning from my energetic ride, I edit the transcription while listening to my own recording. This was not possible when I dictated during the night because I frequently could not read my scrawled notes on the appointment or phone call; so my accuracy of detail increased a hundredfold. 4. I then cut and paste the edited text into Goldmine, an e-mail or Word for letters. What used to be a 2-3 hour evening ordeal is now about 30-45 minutes of relatively painless editing and input, a 300 - 400% time savings!...”

Bob C.
“…I can take up to 4 hours to prepare a fully written dossier on a candidate, or I can use Dragon and get it done in roughly 30 minutes. At a rate of over 200$ an hour, your software alone has saved me an incredible amount of billing hours that can be put to better use for a client. As an executive search firm, we interview many possible candidates for our client projects. When we arrive at our finalists we then have to prepare 4-8 page dossiers on each candidate’s strength and weaknesses, as well as suitability for the job opening we were hired to fill. How do we take 20 pages of notes and distill that out into a legible, intelligible, creative, titillating and meaningful document?...By putting on a digital headset…we can read our notes aloud, filling in blanks of details and color of interview in a way not possible otherwise. It’s taking an old idea, that of “oral tradition”, and re-animating it in a contemporary technology environment that really works! Within 3 months of using your product, I have convinced all my partners here at my firm, that they should get your product as well, and leave the drudgery behind!...”

Dan G.
“I'm a school safety consultant who travels extensively. I have been able to make use of hours of driving time that previously was unused by recording newsletter articles and summarizing reports. I use Dragon with a Sony digital tape recorder. Upon returning home, I download the files and use Dragon Naturally Speaking to convert them into text that is ready to drop into reports and newsletters. In addition, while onsite conducting interviews and recording onsite observations, I use the tape recorder exclusively, rather than taking the time to write out notes. Again, this data is converted upon return and dropped into reports back to the schools.”

Kathleen H. -
“I am a university professor, and I teach online. I utilize Dragon to grade papers and provide detailed feedback. I have created macros for the most common errors that students make on their papers. What a timesaver! It allows me with the ability to provide detailed feedback to students that would otherwise take me too long to keyboard into their papers. I think, without Dragon, the result would be that the feedback just would not be of the same quality. To me, as an instructor, it cannot just be about what the student learns it also has to be about the student having the ability to convey what has been learned through their writing. So the students do need to have this type of detailed feedback on their written work. It is a great timesaver and I would like to think it also makes a difference, indirectly, to my students. So, is this a creative use? A productivity gain? I would think both. It also keeps me from keyboarding so much, which only helps in avoiding repetitive stress syndrome.”

James Z.
“I recently accepted the position of Lead Equipment Engineer with an engineering company here. One of our tasks is to transcribe specifications. Previously, this required hours of typing and editing. By using Naturally Speaking, I now save a minimum of four hours per specification, simply by talking…”

Jerald R.
“I am a forensic psychiatrist since 1985. This required immeasurable paperwork in the form of independent medical examinations, reports of legal evaluations of patient's mental state for lawyers, judges, Dept of Professional Regulations, insurance companies, competency evaluations, surgical clearance, informational reports to colleagues, and other assorted reports. As a psychiatrist, the majority of my reports are very lengthy consisting of anywhere from 4 to 15+ pages. The number of reports a week varied from 2 to 10. The time and cost was quite hefty, involving a transcriptionist which included time to send her rough draft; time to transcibe; time to proof (inc. time to return); usually numerous misspellings and grammatuical errors; re-submit to transcriptionist; usually further corrections; and eventually final draft. The time involved averaged 10-12 days, even for stat dictations. Even dictation over the phone did little to reduce the time. The cost at anywhere from $5 to $7 per page plus more than double that for re-typing and time-- an extremely costly venture that significantly subtracted from my income monetarily and amount of added time in many many hours. Upon [the] purchase of Dragon all of this has come to a pleasurable and productive halt. I am now able to generate long and complicated reports in a matter of an hour or two. Costs are minimal to none other than the initial purchase. As a result my income has significantly risen; more reports can be created in much less time; and I have more time for other professional and personal endeavors. Dragon has almost been a miracle for me in all those areas, even vastly improving the quality and efficiency of the reports; in that I can see what I am dictating and correct or consolidate immediately, leading to a much more professional and compact report (of note, I am very visual; and the ability to see the dictation on the spot leads to a much improved product).”

James D.
“I'm a forensic engineer who documents his investigations with numerous digital photographs. Many are selected to include in my reports to clarify and illustrate my findings. But, to be useful the photos need captions. Often the number of photo selected for a report numbers between 50 and 100. Writing the captions by hand is extremely time consuming and tedious, but in less than 15 minutes, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I can dictate captions into ACD See, my photo organization program.”

Nachman R.
“Your voice recognition software has made a task that was once drudgery into something that is easy, fast and pleasant. I am the Executive Director of a publicly supported charitable organization that is governed by a lay Board and a network of functional committees and subcommittees which meet periodically. Each time the Board or a committee meets, minutes must be taken to record the proceedings. As you can imagine, these meetings are often long and much business is conducted. The minutes are typically in excess of 5 pages long. Typing while composing the minutes is very difficult, particularly for one who is not a great typist. With your software, I dictate the minutes. I turn my back to the computer screen and read my notes, giving a verbal recapitulation of the meeting. Thus, I dictate the entire minutes. I then quickly read and clean up the document with the keyboard. Doing it this way saves hours of time, and the minutes are a much more accurate and flowing representation of what occurred at the meeting. It is truly a labor saving device and well worth the cost.”

Steven V.
“As a doctoral student, I needed to review hundreds of books and articles as I prepared research papers and a dissertation. Beyond the mental exertion was the physical impact on my fingers and joints as I typed in large passages from my research readings. I would often have to take a day or two off from writing just to rest my hand bones. Then I invested in Dragon, and my productivity tripled. My text flowed in as fast as I could read, after a brief learning curve and training the program for scholarly lingo. The Dragon program was a sure-fire cure, which helped me earn my new signature line: Steven V., PhD.”

David N.
“My work consists of generating clinical reports that average about 4 or 5 pages long. In an average week I probably compose some 30 reports. That is roughly 150 pages of type per week. When I started I either dictated over the phone or into a tape recorder and then waited for the typed copy for proofing and signature. Now I sit back and speak...quickly...and DNS takes care of the rest. Reports are finished, signed, and sent faster than anybody else in my line of work. I have also been using a mini digital recorder when I'm not in front of the computer screen and the transcribing into the computer is just as accurate. I have found that there is really no need to turn off DNS when reports are finished because navigating the internet and the computer keeps getting easier by just speaking into the microphone and the mousegrid system is pretty quick after using it just a few times. I'm going to start a comic novel and I will use DNS to do it. How nice that it recognizes the difference between English, a cough, and laughter.”

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