Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Insurance and Claims

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Insurance/Claims

Speed Data Entry and Complete Field Reports Faster

Today’s insurance organizations have little time to focus on growing revenues or increasing market share. Data entry can consume the majority of a customer service representative’s workday, limiting the amount of time they spend working on obtaining new clients for an agency. Additionally, these tedious data entry tasks can induce repetitive stress injuries that drain productivity and increase an agency’s worker compensation costs.

Claims documentation inefficiency — claims leakage — is a source of escalating costs for insurance carriers of all types and sizes. Using the keyboard to type reports and documentation causes lost time, and organizations are plagued by high error rates, inconsistencies and slower processes.

With field agents spending 3-4 hours per day — or more! — typing reports, forward-thinking organizations are searching for solutions that help them recapture the time lost typing reports and increase the ability of agents and adjustors to handle more cases per workday.

When it comes to documenting claims, speech recognition offers a faster, more accurate and cost-effective approach. Speech recognition can cut claims documentation time and increase productivity by 50-80%. From Auto & Home to Commercial or Life, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can speed claims input and written reports for all lines of insurance.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking insurance organizations can:

  • Increase productivity for agents and adjusters
  • Handle more calls and claims per hour
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for high-cost transcription services
  • Shorten process time for claims
  • Improve accuracy of documents and data
  • Better manage heavy workloads and paperwork
  • Significantly reduce administrative overhead
  • Provide better customer service
  • Increase Claims Handling Speed and Efficiency with Speech Recognition
    This whitepaper explains how organizations are using speech recognition solutions to streamline the claims process. Replacing manual data entry with speech recognition saves each claims agent several hours per work day. Because claims are processed much faster, adjusters can handle more claims with higher quality. Faster report creation means faster response to customer claims.

  • Insurance: Before and After
    This video depicts a typical claims officer struggling to keep up with his quota of claims reports, until he discovers the productivity benefits of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Home Inventory:

“I am a small business owner, which in these times is tough on us little guys. We have to cut corners wherever we can. My business is very unique and requires custom software, built around Microsoft Excel. I inventory homes and businesses for insurance and asset management purposes. Before Dragon, I had to have two people to handle a job. One to photograph the items and describe them, and the other to do the typing. I read about Dragon and thought I would give it a try. It worked beyond my expectations. I use a Plantronics wireless headset which connects with my laptop. I, by myself, am able to photograph the items while dictating the description, while leaving my laptop in the center of the room (sometimes in another room). This saves me time as well as the expense of hiring someone to do the typing. Thank you for this wonderful creation. I have been a customer for 5 years and will continue to be for many years to come.”

Jesse Vance:

“As a commercial real estate appraiser, I have the latest version [of Dragon] with Bluetooth wireless mic and am amazed at the improvements in accuracy and speed. Where much narrative is required, Dragon voice-activated software is more efficient than the old "one-key-at-a-time" method of transcription. As usage increases, accuracy and speed increases.”

A part-time transcriptionist:

“I now work part time for a transcription company where I have to transcribe and type down what I hear for insurance companies. Dragon software has saved my sanity as well as my eyes and hands. I sit and type at least six hours a day and if I did not have Dragon software to help me, I would never be able to finish the work assigned to me. The new version learns at an exceptional rate and very rarely makes mistakes. I could not survive without it.”

L. Buford:

“I searched the internet and found a company that was looking for transcribers to work from home. I applied and started doing assignments for this company. The pay was determined by the amount words for each assignment. The more assignments I could turn in, the more I could earn. I was typing investigation reports for Workers' Comp insurance companies. Although I type over 100 wpm, the repetitive motion was again causing me problems. I heard about Dragon NaturallySpeaking and wanted to see if that would help me. Once I started using it and the program became more adapted to my voice, I was able to take on more assignments and as a result, I dramatically increased my income. All I had to do was sit back, listen to the dictation, and repeat what was said! It doesn't get any better than that!!”

  • ROI Calculator
    Use this calculator to determine how much time claims professionals can save by dictating reports with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, enabling them to handle more cases per work day without sacrificing report quality.