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Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Law Enforcement

A More Productive Police Force

Law enforcement officials are facing an increasingly heavy administrative burden that keeps officers from doing “real” police work. Public safety officers may not like paperwork, but they know it’s critical to create timely, thorough and accurate reports.

What can you do when even the simplest incident report takes your officers at least an hour to type up?

Imagine how much faster your officers and detectives could get through the paperwork if they could dictate reports rather than type them.

Speech recognition increases productivity by providing your force with a faster, easier way to complete administrative work. By helping your officers get through the stacks of paperwork more quickly, you'll not only reduce overtime, but you can get them back to the critical business of protecting your community sooner.

Whether at a desktop or in their vehicle, your officers can use simple voice commands to speed through the paperwork, with 99% accuracy. For example, the Clearwater Police Department in Florida eliminated the need for officers to hand type information into their computers while on patrol or driving. By using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to voice-enable officers’ individual patrol car computers, the department was able to speed up the information collection and inquiry processes. The department's officers can dictate information an average of 68% faster than typing by hand.

Dragon enables the quick and safe completion of necessary paperwork and computer-related tasks while on duty — providing your officers with additional time to focus on the more important aspects of law enforcement.

Clearwater Police Department
With limited funding, government organizations must do things faster and at a cheaper cost in order to keep up with ever increasing workloads. The Clearwater Police Department in Florida is no exception. Making technology work for law enforcement has been one of police chief Sid Klein’s primary goals.

  • Burlington Police Department
    This customer testimonial video shows Dragon in use by the Burlington (MA) police department and illustrates Dragon’s abilities to expedite incident report creation, detective reports and license plate look-up.

Lee Mandell:

“I am a federal investigator and must file reports and summaries for each investigation. I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over seven years and the time this software saves me is incalculable and allows me to accomplish a great deal more work than if I had to type the reports by hand. My vocabulary is updated as I use Dragon, and it continues to evolve. I am far more productive as a result of this product.”

Bob Brown:

“I am a private investigator and found Dragon to be very helpful in typing my case reports. I have been using Dragon for the past six years renewing every year to upgrade. In July of 2006 I had a stroke and had to have triple bypass surgery. As a result of this stroke I have lost pretty much the use of my right hand and had to quit taking statements for my clients and their attorneys. Thank God for your speaking program I am now able to record statements and translate them into a computerized report utilizing my Dragon program.”


“I work for a police department in Colorado. In one particular case, officers had been called to a house where several family members had been murdered and the suspect was still on-scene. The suspect was taken into custody and brought to the police department. I needed to get an arrest warrant and search warrant done as quickly as possible. I had multiple officers to interview regarding the case and had officers waiting on-scene to go into the house on a search. Knowing that I needed to get this done quickly, I turned on Dragon NaturallySpeaking and did the interviews at my desk. As the officers answered my questions, I repeated what they said directly into the microphone, which then typed it quickly into the warrant. DragonNaturally Speaking helped me get the job done in half the time and helped get the suspect quickly to jail and the search warrant quickly signed and evidence collected.”

Patrick Cook:

“I volunteer with our local Sheriff's Office to do community patrols. Prior to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking we would make up a time, travel, insistent, all okay, comment piece of paper and hand this in for information. As each person does most everything different we started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a Data Base which gave us a Time Stamp, Address, Contact Phone Number, Comments, Etc. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking we now had consistent reports, actual time stamping and very accurate reporting as our 'official call' for a Deputy. We’re also being included on the radio or cell phone call as the 'official call' was being made. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has drastically improved all of our reports as they are 'for real' and made the difficulty of submitting a report so easy that the paper work is now a pleasure. Neighborhood Watch groups should be using this great technology in their efforts to keep neighborhoods safer for when you call all can easily presented in 'paper form' from pocket sized tape recorders.”

Russ Chief:

“I own a private investigation company and the largest percentage of our business comes from Nursing Home Litigation. We travel around several states and locate and interview witnesses. There are many witnesses in each case to locate and interview. At one time we dictated our interviews into a digital recorder with an MP3 format and sent them to three employees at the office through our laptops, and they would type the individual reports daily. After I discovered how effectively Dragon worked, we slowly started replacing employees with the program when they left the company for various reasons. Now we have cut out the middle man so to speak. We dictate directly into our laptop computers utilizing Dragon and then promptly e-mail our work to the client. Our turn around time and work load has been more than cut in half, and the cost to retain three employees vs. Dragon’s program cost is a no brainer!!!”

Earl Gould:

“Federal Agencies.The required reports are generally lengthy and time consuming. The first four years were laborious given my average typing skills, then I discovered Dragon. 5 and 6 hours of typing suddenly became 3 - 4 hours. With [the latest version of Dragon], the 3 - 4 hour report writing is down to 1.5 to 2 hours on average.”

  • ROI Calculator
    Use this calculator to determine how much faster your officers and detectives could get through the paperwork if they could dictate reports rather than type them.