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Join the Dragon Community

Dragon customers are often looking for ways to share feedback and suggestions about their Dragon experiences. In response, we’re beginning to actively organize and nurture an open forum that brings Dragon customers together and connects Dragon customers around the world. With today’s social media technology, Dragon users and Nuance staff can communicate and share information in ways that were never possible before.

Our “Speaking About Dragon” blog is an online venue that brings users together to share their experiences, opinions and ideas directly with other customers and with Nuance. We’ve started the online conversation and provided you with a direct connection to Nuance and to other customers. Our goal is to engage the extended Dragon community with input from Dragon customers like you. We encourage you to explore our blog posts and actively participate in the Dragon user community. Get the most out of Dragon by exchanging information with other Dragon customers.

We’re looking forward to sharing more product information within this community. But more importantly, we’re excited about the opportunity to listen and respond to customer feedback. Ultimately, this community will allow us to create better products and improve our overall customer service.

Visit the blog and tell us what you think.