Customer Testimonials

Dragon is fast, accurate and easy to use. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to customers talk about their experience with Dragon and read about successful corporate deployments of Dragon across a variety of industries.


Kim M.
My profession requires much writing, and with the digital recorder, I dictate my thoughts while out in the field, later translating them into Dragon.

Dwayne S.
In my line of work, I have to give the same responses many times throughout the day and by simply adding commands, I can say one word and Dragon will automatically type that whole paragraph for that command for me. I can just turn on the computer, start the Dragon software and I am ready to talk my computer into doing almost anything.

I've created lengthy macros for Dragon to perform in Command mode — they fill in fields in my MS Access db, close/open new records, and so forth. Saves me thousands, maybe billions? of keystrokes and is very fast.

Robert D.
Dragon Naturally Speaking should be a mandatory purchase for everyone that wants to increase their productivity. Responding to e-mails, writing documents, developing Excel spreadsheets … things that took hours before, now take minutes.

Allen L.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking has completely transformed the way I work. It has allowed me to be far more productive, since I no longer have to turn dictation over to a secretary or try to type manually.

Andrew R.
I can get 5 times the work done thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking. I would not be as effective as I am without Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Mel B.
Simply put, you can speak faster than you can write. Enough said.

Dawn S.
I began using a Sony digital recorder to capture my drafts and would then have the digital audio transcribed into Dragon. I was able to speak as I drove, which allowed me to keep the writing process rolling while I was on the go. I also have found Dragon is excellent for assisting me to transcribe quotes, fieldwork and interview notes, and much more. It has been a time saving blessing.


Jenny P.
I am 10 times more productive because of the speed at which Dragon types!

Frank C.
I am able to do in 2 hours per week the same amount of work that used to take me 15-20 hours per week

Dwayne S.
It has been such a great help with typing, navigation of the Internet, writing e-mails to friends, and simply doing things on the computer that were too difficult to do in the past.

Eugenie B.
I use it for everything — e-mails to clients, expense reports, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, proposals, everything!

Anne N.
I use Dragon for email, articles, work, and personal correspondence. While I can, and do type, Dragon increases my productivity a thousand fold.

Stephen D.
It is a powerhouse program for individuals who need to communicate their thoughts to the computer quickly and effectively.

John B.
I have doubled my productivity and found that I can more creatively write my reports by talking rather than typing. Dragon Naturally Speaking has helped me grow my business well beyond my former limitations without adding any additional people or costs.

Jacquelyn R.
I am constantly looking for ways to work smarter. I love using voice recognition software and it works, even with my southern accent.

Tom A.
I am out of the office a lot and use my digital recorder to take notes and reminders of things that need to be taken care of. When I get back to the office I upload the digital recorder, and I am amazed at the accuracy of the transcription.

David C.
Before I had the Dragon system reports took more than three hours to type. With Dragon I've cut my time to 45 minutes to one hour.

Dragon allows me to be as efficient as if I had a number of secretaries.

Patrick C.
My job required a large volume of reports to be generated daily and monthly. Having switched from hand writing and typing daily and monthly reports to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have reduced my report preparation time by several hours each week.

Jim H.
One of the best things about Dragon is that you can be dictating within a half-hour of installing the software and the accuracy factor is 99%. I've tried dictating to secretaries and don't get nearly that close in a lot more time.

Patrick C.
I acquired a Sony digital voice recorder so that I could record case notes while in the field. Linking the voice recorder to my notebook computer Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred transcribed the field notes into text that could be transmitted to my secretary.


Linda R.
I’ve always enjoyed writing, but Dragon has definitely added to my joy. Each day, I find something new and wonderful that it can do. It is an amazing product.

Alan K.
The old discomfort and frustration with writing are now replaced by the fun of dictation and by the satisfaction of timely completion of my projects.

John M.
Dragon has become an indispensable tool of my daily routine — email, letters, and an occasional short story are all composed with it.

John D.
I have come to rely on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking for virtually all of my written communications.

Victor G.
Now I write e-mails and other documents with ease.

Charles I.
It is a pleasure to sit in front of my computer talking to Dragon like an old friend.

Timothy S.
I can surf the Internet, send e-mails to friends and relatives, shop online, and even plan research trips around the world … and I did it all by voice activation.

Ed C.
Dragon is far and away the best tool that I have ever purchased to help me deal with my RSI issues.


Howell A.
As a lawyer handling a large volume of cases, office efficiency is a must. Dragon required virtually no training; ready to go right out of the box. I can honestly say Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the best office product I have ever used.

Steve K.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been an important tool in my busy small town law office for the past six years. … Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the most important piece of software I own.

Nicholas H.
I have used it in my law practice since version 4.0. Dragon does not call in sick, does not leave at 5:00 PM, and costs nothing to take on a trip. As my practice is an environmental practice Dragon, once taught the spelling of dichloroethane, etc. gets the chemistry right each time.

Mitchel C.
Transcribed dictation is delayed and expensive. We solved our problem with Dragon.

Martha N.
I am a sole practitioner attorney with limited resources and I find that using Dragon allows me to work without needing to hire additional staff. With this program, I can prepare letters and legal documents at any hour of the day or night.

The way I practiced law changed forever. After the short learning session, I started setting up macros. The program zips through real estate documents, allowing me to actually type up policies with specific exceptions more quickly than dictating into a machine and reviewing drafts. If I need a quick motion or have to set a hearing in Court ...Piece of cake. If I have several letters to do or other work that I would previously delegate to the paralegal, I now use Dragon and dictate instructions and drafts directly into a special file on my computer for her follow up.

James O.
Speaking Dragon has changed the way I practice law 100% for the better. The endless stream of revisions and corrections between the secretary and the lawyer is over! Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a snap to learn, and easy for even barely literate computer users like me to master. What a difference this program has made in my practice!


Dr. Jon Wahrenberger, Cardiologist, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
“Since using version 10, I’m discovering far fewer errors. The accuracy of version 10 is significantly better.”

Dr. Brian Zimmerman, Emergency Physician, Premier Health
“I just dictated for about 30 minutes in our Epic EMR system (using Dragon Medical 10) with only three mistakes. Pretty amazing!”

Dr. Pierce Sanders, Kaiser Permanente
“Wow! Fast! Accurate ! I didn't think it could get any better.”

Dr. Dan Field, Emergency Physician, Kaiser Permanente
“I have never seen a product (Dragon Medical 10) undergo such superb improvement over time and I have been a Dragon user since v6.”

Dr. Loren Leidheiser, Chairman and Director of Emergency Medicine, Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Emergency Department
“I’ve used Dragon Medical speech recognition for about 8 years. We use Dragon Medical in our busy emergency department with the Allscripts electronic medical record and have eliminated medical transcription. Dragon speech recognition has greatly increased the value of our medical records by including detailed narratives that point-and-click templates simply can’t capture — accuracy is near perfect, even in a hectic emergency department environment. Based on my testing and use of Dragon Medical 10, the software seems more intuitive and the recognition has yet again improved from previous versions. Beyond the documentation efficiency gains for our providers, Dragon lets our team tell our patient’s complete story and that raises our quality of care.”

Dr. Betty Rabinowitz, Primary Care Internist, University of Rochester Medical Clinic
“We were most interested in the ROI associated with implementing a speech-enabled technology. We were spending close to $1.2 million on transcription costs in our primary care network and with the implementation of Dragon Medical to complement our Allscripts EMR, our projected cost for transcription has been brought to zero.”