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A Conversation with Steve Chambers
Nuance Speech Division President Steve Chambers talks about recent developments in the industry and the future of speech.
Improving The Transcription Workflow
Find out how you can save up to $25,000 per physician each year by using the Dragon MT Workflow System to streamline your transcription process.
Saving on Transcription Costs with Speech Recognition
Learn how to replace traditional dictation and transcription with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition and simultaneously increase productivity, reduce costs and improve patient care.
PaperPort as on Information On-ramp to Microsoft SharePoint
Discover the benefits of digitizing paper and on-ramping business information into your back-office information portals with PaperPort.
Better PDF for Business
Learn the benefits of adopting the Portable Document Format, PDF, and how PDF Converter Professional Professional was developed to provide an affordable PDF solution specifically for business.