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SVOX Automotive TTS

Industry-leading Speech Output Solution

SVOX Automotive TTS solutions are tailored for noisy car environments and enjoy a reputation for industry-leading quality. They power many of the most advanced and successful in-dash infotainment systems in the market. SVOX TTS technology is characterized by natural and clear sound as well as unique polyglot capability – the same voice can speak multiple languages like a native speaker.

A big part of SVOX' success in the automotive market is based on SpeechCreate - complete, industrial-grade tool chain that enables execution of big and complex speech projects efficiently, achieving the desired speech quality level at a low cost.

Scalable, Multi-lingual Automotive Solutions


  • Portable, scalable Excellent portability and scalability are ensured thanks to a special design that takes into account specific requirements of embedded automotive environments.
  • Polyglot With SVOX Automotive TTS the same voice can speak multiple languages like a native speaker.
  • Smart architecture Separation between the TTS engine and language data allows for easy addition of languages and voices, even at runtime.
  • SpeechCreate SVOX SpeechCreate is an industrial-grade tool chain for efficient execution of large projects with hundreds of prompts.  This tool is used to create recording-like prompts using TTS, thereby converting a PC workstation into a virtual recording studio.
  • Wide and high-quality language portfolio SVOX Automotive TTS is available in about 30 languages. Many of the languages have male and female voices to choose from.
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